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    I got my driver's license in Washington State - I did not need a SS #. You do not need to be a US citizen or a PR to open a bank account in the US.


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      Whatever you do, DO NOT leave the country! You will be banned for 10 years!! Who ever is giving you that info you need to get rid of them, trust me!


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        Hi everybody and thanks again for all your support..

        I went to the other site for more information and i found some answers..

        It is in plain english..

        If you overstay a visa or are otherwise unlawfully present for more than 1 year, or are deported, and then re-enter the USA WITHOUT INSPECTION - you will not be eligible for a waiver
        **** inadmissible.

        Well, I've been reading a lot and so far (according to my knowledge) there is no hope for me to live here legally.

        My girlfriend and I have been together only about ayear.. so I dont think there is a "strong hardship" so far..

        I'll try to get an app with a lawyer, but as far as I know..they 'll just give you "BS" and charge you for virtually anything.

        I'm actually posting this to make the **** guy happy ,
        Ive been reading your posts....(not recommended)

        Hey! enjoy!!

        bye !! and good luck!!!


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          Fake thread?

          [quote] I'm actually posting this to make the **** guy happy ,
          Ive been reading your posts....(not recommended)


          Newly Minted posted

          you are trying too hard to misspell the words. It's so obvious.

          Yes newly minted. Trying too hard is right! ***** went from perfect english to suddenly on Aug 31 to severly broken english.

          Care to explain *****?


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            why do you call the thread fake?

            I was only reading a few **** post not all of them..

            By posting that I wanted the **** guy to know that in one of his threads he complained about people posting usseles things on his threads. But however he posted several times om my thread..

            **" Whats your problim? I ask pepple to enswer my queschin. If you know enswer, if not pliz dont disterb
            pliz dont disterb let ather pepple enswer
            Why admenestreter let thes guy desterb evribadi?
            I hav serios quischn, my frind wife need work, legel, but we dont know what peyper to fix for her "**

            Well thats all.
            Bye everybody , I wish you all good luck!


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