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    Maybe this will wake Europe up to the reality of terrorism

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    Maybe this will wake Europe up to the reality of terrorism


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      do u use aol messenger? i m there


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        Actually, the Spanish have been living with terrorism a lot longer than we have. They terrorist group ETA has been doing its dirty deeds there for decades. We were the ones who had to wake up to terrorism on 9/11.
        Have a nice day


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          I remember all the Europeans smirking with glee and saying we deserved it


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            This may not have anything do do with Iraq. Osama and his kind are still upset with the Moors being kick out of Spain in the 1490's.


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              How about that whole Osama/al-Qaida thing, eh?

              Why and how did the whole al-Qaida thing start? Anybody? What? Osama is an Islamic freak, an evil-doer and a wicked man? And we didn't bring the wrath of that shadowy and coward organization upon ourselves?

              How about I say we did!

              Remember Bush senior? First gulf war? Did you say Osama is a Saudi and we PROMISED to remove our troops from Saudi Arabia after the first gulf war? Well, guess what. The troops are still there and to a radical Islamic extremist like Osama the stationed U.S. troops were an equivalent of a brothel in a Holy Church of Christ! In his views the troops were taming his Holy Land. And that's how the al-Qaida thing started. To fight for withdrawal of the U.S. military from Saudi Arabia! Anybody knows who trained good ol' Osama in mujahedeen training camps in Afghanistan in the 80s to make bombs? Correct! U.S. military instructors. And they trained him good. How about the very first al-Qaida targets? That's right! U.S. military barracks in Saudi Arabia and USS Cole.

              I don't think withdrawing the troops from Saudi Arabia or catching Osama himself will solve Osama/al-Qaida puzzle but that's how it all began. The situation is way passed that stage by now. The vicious circle of violence has already been unleashed.

              Guess who were the leaders and pilots of the Sep 11th planes? Ah-huh, the Saudis! I don't remember the exact number but two-thirds of the whole group comes to mind. I'd say non-Saudis were kept on secondary and sort of logistical/supporting roles. And the West still didn't get it. The big questions is why the U.S. interests in the gulf are much more important then 2000 plus people that died on Sep 11th.

              Does the U.S./al-Qaida situation remind you of something? Israel/Palestinians may be, eh? Palestinian terror (they didn't have any other means at that time which is NOT an excuse for terror) started in order to attract the world's attention to Israel's military actions on their own land thus creating that circle of violence. I guess in a mysterious and mostly un-known world of radical Islam your personal fight with terror won't stop until you (blown up most likely) or an Islamic fighter (see ya around next time) are dead and that's a comforting thought.

              It became sort of a sport in the world wide intelligence community to blame Osama/al-Qaida for anything even remotely resembling a terrorist act. What's interesting is the choice of words: "allegedly", "assuming", "reportedly" etc... In my opinion the Western world is still without a clear understanding of the true causes of Osama/al-Qaida and just keeps fighting the consequences created by it's own actions.

              [This message was edited by sup on March 16, 2004 at 02:47 AM.]


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                I agree, Sup! You have old, "cold war" fools trying to fight apples with oranges the way it succeeded in Europe after WWII. But this enemy is different, they have different values and standards, it's a mind set that comes straight from underneath the rock with total disregard for his own life or any value for life for that matter. In principle, you have the 21. century fighting a 15th century coachroach, the logical reasonings and motiviations can not be matched. You can not win a war when you sent off 18/19 year old Nintendo kids to fight a war against cave dwellers happily willing to die for their 70 virgins in heaven...

                With the absolutly unneccessary aggravation of Iraq, a hornet nest has been unleashed and a point of no return reached.

                We had a momentum on 9/11 to win the world for peace, instead this administration did everything wrong to create a breading ground for more terrorists.

                The short term goal of oil riches for the few is not worth; our gas prices are still rising! And what is yet to come? I fear, just as it happened with the autocracy in Iran which is also the direct result of American foreign involvement and harrassment in the 50's.

                The middle East is a messed up placed because the local population has always been ruled and organized and "liberated" by some distant, arrogant powers. Just like we had to kick some British butts to have our own growing pains, these people have to do what they've been not able for the past 500+ yrs. How we get there now? I don't know! Certainly not the way we do right now...


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