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divorce/annul marriage to an immigrant

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    B. Statutory requirements to file:
    Spouse of US Citizen or LPR.
    Entered into a good faith marriage.
    Applicant has resided with USC or LPR , including time living together in the U.S.
    Must have good moral character.
    Was battered or subject to extreme mental cruelty by spouse, OR is the parent of child abused by USC or LPR spouse.
    Vermont Service Center adjudicates I-360s
    Can be pursued affirmatively or while in removal proceeding.
    Evidentiary standard: any "credible" evidence.

    Would lying about academic credentials to acquire employment as a teacher demonstrate good moral character?

    Would lying in a court of law under oath about academic credentials be considered good normal character?

    Would inflating material losses to secure a larger monetary settlement in a court of law demonstrate good moral character?

    Would running a business in the U.S. that does not pay taxes or abide by FTC (Federal Trade Commission) demonstrate good moral character?

    Just wondering how they define good moral character...


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      OK I am out of here; I give up on this one. Another person setting himself up to get burnt. I should start keeping a database of all the guys (and some women) that come to this board, ignore my advice and end up in jail and defrauded. <sigh>


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        <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">
        Your wife upon being served will seek an immigration attorney too or seek help from immigration groups, so it is in your best interest for your attorney to understand that side better.
        Best of luck </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

        And how do you know what she is going to do? Tell us oh wise one !


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          Everybody seems to be jumping to conclusions. Maybe nobody is understanding this situation. Maybe she loves this guy, but they are just not compatible? Why and how is it determined that she is only seeking papers? She may be hurt and disappointed that he doesn't love her.

          It may be him that's not satisfied, not her. She most likely doesn't know about all these legal tactics. More than likely she is just a simple girl from Vietnam, afraid of being alone in America, and not understanding why her husband doesn't love her.

          SonofMichael, I have read many of your posts. You are a very intelligent man, but sometimes a little too cynical. Why advise the guy to abuse this woman? She may be suffering more than you can imagine already.


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            If the paperwork is started then hurry up and finish it. I am not cynical !!!
            I am realist !


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              SOM, I am led to beleive from previous posts that you have been in a messy relationship, and you have your own experience on Greencard Fraud, and your experience can no doubt be valuable to certain posters, but you must remember each case is unique.

              Tazman already said he doesn't think she married him just for the greencard, and said that he himself is not happy within the marriage. That being so, do you really beleive he can have their marriage annulled on the basis of Greencard fraud.

              Also there is a different side to each situation, I beleive you have a certain amount of knowledge where immigration is concerned, instead of being hostile to Sprintgirl, try sharing a bit of that knowlege with her.


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                OK Davdah, each case is different !!


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                  I agree, most woman are not helpless, I know of a few devious women back home that took their husbands' to the cleaners, but I also know of a few men that did the same, my Ex included.


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                    My advice to you is this. If you can't be her husband, then be her best friend. More than likely she is overwhelmed and confused. Explain how you feel to her, and find out what she wants to do. She my very well want to go home to Vietnam?

                    Do not abuse her, instead comfort her and re-build her self esteem. If she ran out barefoot in the snow and stood in front of your car. She is already in deep trouble.


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                      Originally posted by tazman14302 View Post
                      My wife came from Vietnam on 10/01/07 with a fiance visa.

                      I married her on November 13 2007 in Arlington County, VA court (civil law)

                      She just completed her biometrics appointment on 1/11/08

                      It will take 90 days to get her work permit.

                      It will take 6 to 8 months for her first green card which should be sometime in late April or to June 08.

                      It's a very volatile marriage and we are completely incompatible! After 3 months of marriage, I'm at my wits end. I want out!

                      I don't think I qualify for anullment of marriage so I'll have to seek legal help.

                      Does anyone know what I have to look forward to in terms of cost, time, and division of property.

                      I want to do this as amicably as possible, but I do expect a fight.

                      Thanks kindly
                      As far as I know, anullment could be done if marriage was a fraud since the very beginning. So basically one of you should admit the fact that you have commited crime. If you want to get divorced, you might try online service, because when I needed wa divorce help , I just spent about 40 minutes for online questionnaire and submitted forms. After that the hearing was appointed and I got divorced. However that would work if you need un****ested divorce, keep that in mind.


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