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How do you get a visitors Visa in Mexico?

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  • How do you get a visitors Visa in Mexico?

    My husband is waiting for his AOS interview date. We may have up to 18 more months to go. He hasn't seen his mom and dad in over 9 years. We would like for them to come here for at least a week. They have 2 grandchildren they have never met. How does one go about getting a Visitirs Visa? How long does it take? How much does it cost? Where in Mexico do they apply?

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    My husband is waiting for his AOS interview date. We may have up to 18 more months to go. He hasn't seen his mom and dad in over 9 years. We would like for them to come here for at least a week. They have 2 grandchildren they have never met. How does one go about getting a Visitirs Visa? How long does it take? How much does it cost? Where in Mexico do they apply?


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      get a border crossing card. millions of mexicans get it in order to cross over and then never go back.

      -= nav =-


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        You can send them a letter notarized stating that you are sponsoring them for this visit and they can go to US Consulate and try ... if they get visitor visa ...they can come visit your husband and you...Good luck ...


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          My husband's parents come once a year for around a month to visit on a tourist visa. They apply for it at the American consulate in Guadalajara. I think that they have to prove that they have sufficient reason to go home once the visa expires. They are always able to get one because they have land and livestock, and they never come together. His dad came last year and his mom is coming this year. Just go to the website of the consulate nearest to where his parents live and you might be able to find some info there.
          Have a nice day


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            yeah, My Mexico...

            Let me tell you something, even if you are sponsoring the visitor, it does depend of the interviewer, 100% !!

            They can sure apply for it, but DO NOT LET THEM KNOW that they have a son here... tell them that you need a vacation, going to a wedding or whatever... once you mention you have relatives here (especially someone waiting for AOS) they will look twice before they give you a visa.

            But, dont take me wrong... In central mexico is harder to get a visa for one simple reasson; you wont drive for 22 hrs to do grocery shopping (this is the main excuse used in north mexico to get a visa, it does work great tho!)

            Its really fast, the passport is a same day visit, the visa is the same way... altho you need to call the consulate to make an appointment, usually they will tell you to go for the interview a month after your call.. you walk in, wait, wait wait... go to the interview, and they stamp your passport, right then and there...(if approved)

            Now... they will have to prove "they have a life in mexico", sunds funy.. but thats what it is...

            1.- You need a job, same job at least 2 yrs, and proof of it... (paychecks, stubs, letter from the company, work ID)

            2.- School records, saying you are currently enrroled in the actual semester, year, or whatever you call it...

            3.-If you dont have a job, and do not have school records... a bank account, with MONEY in it... showing an income

            4.- You can also use retirement paperwork, tell them to ask for one to IMSSS (instituto mexicano del seguro social) if they are retired and had health insurance ('pension' is the word used in mexico for this)

            Anyway, i wish you guys have good luck !



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              in tijuana -- you can go to shops where you can "buy" all the docs you need for the border card interview. They'll put your name on it, customize it. Tell you exaclty what to say, etc. etc. It'll cost you some money, but these guys are experts and you'll go to the interview with all kinds of solid proof of ties to mexico. Even with money back guarantee. Trust me, they got this crap down pat.

              -= nav =-


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                Hubbys family has property and alot of it. They also have cattle, horses and the like so proving they have ties still in Mexico would be fairly easy. I've also heard that they have to prove that they have some legal family here, grandkids etc. hubbys aunt is a citizen and also has several cousins that are citisens and green card holders. Intent of them visiting is to introduce grandkids to grandparents. All we are asking is for a week. We WILL do things LEGALLY unlike what moondin is assuming we would do.


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                  they would then have no problems on the visa interview...
                  the opnly thing they need to say is that they want to spend some time with their relatives, lets say... 2 weeks or so, and then they will return, with all those assets you mention they have it will be pretty much approved.

                  do not get any papers in tijuana, if you can, use another point of entry

                  tell your in-laws to get all the documentation they can in order to show it on the interview, information about their relatives here in the states is helpfull also, altho is not necesary

                  something like...

                  we would like to get a visa in order to visit "any=name who lives in any=town" for two weeks, tell them to show their info (bank account, property, investments, income -if any-)

                  Good luck!



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                    They cannot get a Border Crosser card unless they live in the Border Zone. What's more they *must* go the the consulate or Embassy that serves their area, although it may be many hours away or less inconvenient than another.

                    Just last week I brought my mother-in-law to the Embassy in Mexico City. Despite that I am an attorney, they would not let me into the visa building. They only budget about 2 minutes per interview. I gave her all of our financial information, along with notarized I-134s from my husabnd and I. She also had the title to her land and house, and loads of proof that she is caring for her two young grandchildren. She is 67 years old, and looks every minute of it. She was denied (they wanted to see money in her own bank aco****). In fact they never even looked at any of the evidence or the letter of invitation. The law says you need to show proof that they will return, but the realitly is they want to see money. Of course, another interview on the same day might have approved her.

                    Having an immigrant petition pending is a big problem. Especially because if she chose to overstay and adjust, she would be able to without penalty and receive work-authorization right away.

                    The process- get a passport from the local office, call the appropriate consulate for an interview (look at the Mexian Consualte's website for which, and for instructions), and show up at the interview a couple of weeks later. Good luck!


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                      By the way- About that Border Crossing card stuff- Besides that you just shouldn't lie to the USCIS- *especially* when you don't need to- it only works to get you accross the border. The Border Patrol are not idiots and they have checkpoints on all the lonely roads that lead notrth that are *beyond* the border zone. It really isn't worth it. It still confuses me that Moondin is such an advocate of abiding by the law, but encourages this sort of activity.


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                        >but encourages this sort of activity.

                        Because the INS is clearly blind to it looks "the other way" on these things.

                        I don't know why you guys are worried. mark my words -- in the next 100 years, the US is just gonna give up and make Mexico a "territory". The border to guard would be MUCH smaller then.

                        don't think it'll happen? Sit back and watch (assuming u can live another 100 years).

                        -= nav =-


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                          I knew they had to go to Ciudad Juarez but wasn't sure what documentation they needed. I sent via registered mail birth cert. for their grandchildren, an invite letter, proof of financial stability and proof that they have a son waiting for AOS interview. I also sent pictures with a list of items they needed to take with them. She is going to go in a couple weeks to the consulate. Thank You all for the information, you all have been so helpful.


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                            The process is:

                            Call the appointment phone number with passport *in hand* to get the appointment.

                            Download the application form from the consulates website and fillit out on the computer.

                            Go to a Banamex with the passport and pay $100. application fee.

                            Go to the appointment with: Proof of financial status- *especially* "status of bank account", proof of ties to Mexico, invitation letter, and proof of any alleged familial ties.

                            However- it is true that knowing they have a sone adjsting could be very harmful to their chances. They might believe they will overstay until he is a citizen and can apply for them.

                            Good luck.


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