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CSS/LULAC 1-687 Interview

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  • CSS/LULAC 1-687 Interview

    I have a received an I-687 Interview later. June 1st in NYC.
    I applled July last year myself to MSC.

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    I have a received an I-687 Interview later. June 1st in NYC.
    I applled July last year myself to MSC.


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      Hi Rafi, very good you are the first person I heard received I-687 Interview letter.
      Did you also check your case states online, do you see any change? Hopefully this time will be your last journey towered the temporary green card.

      Rafi I have few question for you:
      1-Did you pay $50.00 for finger print
      2-Did you pay fee for EAD work card or it is free for CSS/LULAC class member for the first time.
      3- Did you fill out form I-690 or not.
      Application for Waiver of Excludability; Supplemental to Form I-687.
      4- How about Medical Report ExaminationI-693; Do you have to do that even you did it with Life Act application.
      Good Luck and Gold bless you.


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        1. I paid $50.00 finger print fees with my application.
        2. I did not apply for EAD; you can apply it; you do not need a fee if you have previous EAD through CSS/LULAC.
        3. Yes, I did fill out a I-690
        4. I also sent my Medical Report with my application, yes you need to send them another report.
        I do not think they will approve my case. I will let you know on June 2nd. I will be moving to Canada next October anyway. I am just buying time to keep my legal status here until I leave this place.
        Good luck with your application.


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          Hi Rafi;
          Do you know or have an idea what I should answer to question 8 and 9 on Form I-690 (Application for Waiver of Ground of Excludability)

          Question 8. I am inadmissible Under Section(s):

          Question 9. List reasons of excludability,

          Thanks Rafi.


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            Question 8: Other: 212 (a) Specify Section (9)(B)
            Question 9:Not Applicable.
            On a Seperate sheet of peper write:
            I am seeking a waiver for Section 212(a)(9)(B) Aliens unlawfully present, which may be waived by the Secretary of Homeland Security Under CSS/LULAC class action settlement.


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              Thank you Rafi for your answer; one more question please, Did the Homeland Security Department waived your appeal or did they approve to waive you I-690 Application, if not when they will waive it.
              Rafi, when you pay application fee for you I-687, I-690 and finger print do you pay for all of them on one lump sum money order or you pay separate for each application with separate money order?
              Thanks a lot.


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                I made seperate money order for each application and sent all of them together with 4 copies of my photographs.
                I did not get any I-690 approval letter yet. I think INS approve I-687 and I-690 together.


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