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Should I trust my lawyer?

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    thanks everyone. I talked to my lawyer after I read and research everything you told me, and I cannnot have a temporary green card, because I'm illegal allien, and because I'm from mexico.
    My lawyer is submiting an adjustment of status and a hardship waiver. I hope they are going to work, my husban is diverced, he was married to a woman for six months, and he discovered after he got married to her that she had mental issues, I'm not sure but I think she had bipolar disorder, or clinical depression, she wanted to kill herself, and she never wanted to have intimacy with him, and a lot of other things. In my part I was sexual abused, (that is why I decided to come here), and now we finded each other and he makes me happy and mekes me feel safe, and he feels the same , he can demonstrate the case about her ex-wife, but I cannot demonstrate mine, but I hope that when I'm going to be talking in the american embassy they count this. Could you tell me your opinnion if this could work like a hardship waiver, because if not, I will not have any hope. thanks again .


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      clue #1: Never ever trust a lawyer - especially an immigration lawyer - they take training at the same institution that trains TV evangelists (i.e. how to make promises they cannot keep or deliver on, while charging [fleecing] their clients [flock] gazillions of dollars)
      clue #2 - see #1


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        Always follow Someone12's advice until Michael completes law school, then all the illegal aliens should retain his services. He might even offer special deals from time to time, such as two for one or buy one get second at half price.


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