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      Michael, what kind of a person are you?! I am an American citizen, I have as much right in this country as you do. And as a matter of fact, it's people like you who make me sick. Every single person in this country is here because of an immigrant. Even if it was several hundred years ago. You are a heartless son of a b*tch. Excuse my french. I came here for help. Not to hear you b*tch about how this is "your country." It is not YOUR country. Here, let me become an ignorant as s like you....If you don't like immigrants, then get the f*ck off of my planet. People from other countries are EVERYWHERE! Grow up, you pathetic little man. And also, learn how to spell you illiterate loser. Get a life. I have one, but I am seeking help to get rid of some minor kinks. You on the other hand seem to get off on hurting people. Better yet, go hang yourself.

      Sorry to all who have tried to help me. It is people like Michael who make me ashamed of living in this country. This country fought so hard to get rid of racism, stereotypes, discrimination, segregation, and all that other bad stuff. Yet people like him seem to want it all to come back. It is people like him who seem to think that they are better because they live in such a wonderful country. Hey Michael, if America is so great, than how come so many countries hate us? Why is it that terrorists seem to attack us? Are they bored? Or maybe it's because of people like you. Shallow minded people who only think of themselves. Grow up and maybe research your family tree before you trash talk immigrants.


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        Yes my husband's court was in a federal court. The arresting INS officer never filed an NTA, or at least that is what I was told 2 days before this federal BS started. The arresting officer stated that my husband "knowingly and intentionally" marked the box stating that he is a legal US citizen on an I-9 form. My husband never filed out an I-9 form. We believe that his boss did it, who has denied it but was proven to have done it once before in the past. The court appointed our Immigration lawyer as a criminal lawyer, inwhich he is severely pissed off because he was trying to get $10,000 out of us. Which, even if I did have it lying around somewhere, I still believe it to be way too much.

        My husband has only been here for 4 years, and he is very fluent in english, but there are still some words and expressions that confuse him. So the judge is allowing us to have an interpretor. He has not been seen in Immigration court yet. He is not being charged as a "Suspected terrorist" that is just what they are holding him as. Or so I've been told. Because they are holding him without bond.

        We also believe that someone had said something to get him arrested. But the person that turned him in had referred to him by his full name. The only people who know his full name are friends and family. On applications and other such things he goes by a nickname because most people cannot pronounce his real name. As do I and my name is American.

        As to why they waited 2 years to arrest him, I know nothing other than what the arresting officer told me. Which, since then I have found out some very interesting things about him. He was let go from a local police department, I never found the reason why. He has been described as a "new-age Hitler"...which I think "Hitler" is a little too much, I think insensitive as shole fits it better.

        The federal judge and our lawyer said that he will still be able to go to his biometrics appointments and such.

        They held him in dentention the last couple days because "Of fear of flight." And that's when my mother and I asked why if he has friends and family here. And the judge said that the arresting officer said that he had no family in the states. So that turned out quiet interesting. But he has court in a few hours, so I will post afterwards when I learn more.

        Sorry about what I said to Michael. I just don't like people like that and I was in a bad mood. But I appreciate all of your help.


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          Back from court. My husband was granted a $25,000 bond. But all that means is that he is back in ICE custody. We are now awaiting a Immigration Court hearing to determine detention. So hopefully I will know more in the next week. Thank you to everyone who posted. I know I keep saying that, but I truly do mean it.


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            New Official Immigration Motto:



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              $25,000 is chump change for a terrorist; what kind of cheap second tier terrorist cell does he belong to? If you are going to marry a terrorist, at least marry from one of the better financed terrorist organizations.


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                Racism is what makes this country great; If you do not love America and are so ashamed of it then get out !!


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                  Racism ****s, sure, you know that. And there is much less racism in this country then in any other country on the planet. Actually, the US is so PC these days, it's just sick. (starting from "hollyday tree"). Anyway, the point is, we all hate terrosrists.I personally dislike muslims, just because most of the terrorists are muslims. I wish Mohamed's mom was pro-choice...
                  But, Michael, you shouldn't say all this stuff to ASID.You don't know either of the spouses, you can't be sure what their deal is.
                  Don't make her hurt more then she already does.
                  And, again, racism ****s! Please,Michael, don't be a stereotype!


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                    Michael, like I said before. Check your family tree. At one point in time, your family immmigrated to America, because true Americans are the native americans. And from the way you talk about racism being so great, I take you as a wannabe klan member, which would make you white.

                    And Ukrainka, I appreciate you defending me, but not all terrorists are muslim. Take Timothy McVeigh for example. He was a WHITE AMERICAN MALE, and he was a terrorist. So should I believe that all white american males are terrorists? No. That would make the majority of Americans terrorists, and that includes my family.

                    Michael, once again, like I said before. If you have such a problem with foreigners/immigrants either a) kill yourself b) never leave your house, watch TV, or better yet, have no connections with the outside world or c) get off of my planet. Do something like, be the first human to attempt to live on Mars so that options a, b, and c work out. You are the scum of the nation. Grow up and get a life. If you hate immigrants so much, do something about it other then sit on your fat *** and trash talk them on the internet like a prepubecent girl. You are f*cking pathetic.

                    And read everything I post. I said that they were HOLDING him as a "suspected terrorist" NOT CHARGING him as one. You stupid f*ck. For someone who knows so much about the law you should know that they hold ALL F-1 visa holders (aka students out of status) as suspected terrorist since the 9/11 attack. You are a f*cking moron and a disgrace to humanity.


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                      I see your point, but i did say that MOST terrorist are muslims (especially lately), not that all of them are.
                      I hope it all works out for you and your husband. Good luck, and God bless you both.


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                        I realize that you said "most" but what hurt me was your saying that you wished Mohamed's mother was pro-choice. I am sorry, I do not have a set religion. I believe that every religion has something to learn from. I do not believe that there is ONE right religion. But because I believe in God and Jesus Christ, I am Christian. Your saying that you wish Mohamed's mother was pro-choice would be like me saying "How can a virgin become pregnant?" Yes, I know the whole story about the immaculant conception, but it hasn't happened since then, so why are we to believe it? Am I making any sense? I do believe in Islamic beliefs...or in other words, muslim beliefs. I mean, they don't have as much theft, looting, robberies, whatever you want to call it. Why? Because they chop your hand off, even for a first offense. Yes, it may be rash and messed up, but think about it. In America, most people just get their wrists slapped and are told not to do it again....but they do it over and over again. That might be a bad example, but you have to actually think about it and research it until you can actually understand it.

                        It's not MOST muslims. It's extremists. Crazy people. People thinking that they are doing God's work.

                        The muslim religion is basically Christianity combined with Judism. I knew this even before I married my husband. I have always been interested in the different kinds of religion. I believe a "perfect" religion would be the peace and harmony of Buddism, with the somewhat strict rules of muslim, mixed with the 10 comandments with Jesus, as our Lord and Savior rather than a prophet, like Christianity, mixed with Karma(yes, I know it's not a real religion), and a little bit of the harmony with nature like the wiccans and greeks have.

                        I know that you, and several other people on this site have had bad experiences with immigrants. But not all of them are bad. I have met a few bad ones myself, and believe me, I've said a few things to them. But I do not treat them all like they are backstabbers and users just trying to get a free ride to a better life. I love my husband. And I believe that even in another life, that we were together. So what if he's from another country, another world, another religion. I listen to my heart. I do what I feel is right. I know that you are not a bad person. I just don't want you to act like that sonofa*****, Michael(I'm not saying that you are). But I mean, not everyone is the same. Which I'm sure you know that, but come on, if you let one bad experience change your life everytime it happened, what kind of a life would you have? None.


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                          good lord, why are people so closed-minded? Michael my best friend is muslim... hell, he's even from Iraq (be that got you huffing and puffing), but he has nothing against americans or anyone else for that matter. open your eyes man.. you aren't acting any better then the terrorists killing people because they aren't a certain religion. grow up.


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                            Thank you, meandonlyme. That's exactly what I was trying to say. lol.


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                              INS is holding him without bond again.
                              We filed a motion for a bond hearing with an immigration judge. So hopefully the judge will bond him. He's been in jail for 3 weeks, tomorrow. I just don't get it. If the federal court dropped all charges and put him on 3 years of probation, then how could the INS hold him without bond a second time? They can't deport him if he's on probation, can they?


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                                if deported does he get a 3 or 10 year ban no ?


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