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To those who hate immigrats

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    your empty-headed logic is so robbers took an illegal means to get money, as do illegals, by working without permission. They steal jobs, opportunity, depress wages in the industries where they choose to work for $3 an hour, steal slots in public schools with their illegal brats. They don't have any right to do so just because they lacked the courage to work to improve their own country.
    They would rather leach off hard working American citizens and take advantage of our organized society rather than try to change their own. They are as much a criminal as a bank robber.
    I fought a war for this country, you were ****ing your thumb. I believe in the rule of law, you believe in your next boyfriend. I respect the rights of my fellow citizens, you prefer to spend their resources on people who have shown NO respect for our way of life.
    It is not my fault nor responsibility to sacrifice my lifestyle or yours and give it over to someone who says "I don't want to obey your laws and want to be rewarded with a green card if I marry a village idiot."


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      I'm sorry, but not everyone CAN do it "the legal way". Immigrants don't break the law out of disrespect, they do it because it's the only way they have"
      If that's the case, kindly explain why a relative of USC have to wait up to 20years to immigrate legally, when illegal can just come to the US under a visitor/temporary visa, or just cross the border?
      Since when it is acceptable to penalize those who choose to follow the law and reward those who doesn't?


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