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Re-Entry Under Visa Waiver Program, While under Deportation

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    Antichrist (oops, Antifascist)--
    Your red-*** must be burning too bad if you call Antifascist an Antichrist (nothing could be far-
    ther from me than you!).

    I don't mean anything - I just confirm the regulations.
    Regardless of what Lerka think or what "impression" you are under.



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      Moral Turpitude -
      A flexible term for an act of baseness, vileness or depravity, contrary to the accepted and customary rule of right and duty between human beings.


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        Does Crime of Moral Turpitude apply to those who has not shown up at deportation proceedings?


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          LIFE IN PRISON applies to anyone whom WOTAN choses to fill his stomach with

          On a serious note: it has nothing to do with "turpitude", simply put it is a crime to remain in US after being served Deportation Order.


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            Although, I entered through port of entry in 2002 and was not aware that my re-entry will trigger another bar. The immigration personal never asked me any question about my previous violation, and I remember mentioning him that my reason to go back is to settle unfinish businesses as I have migrated to Canada.

            Now, It would not be fair to put me under permanent bar to re-admission (212 9(C)), because I went through immigration for the reason that I enter legally. Now if they failed to Scan me accordingly for my previous vilations then it should
            not jeapordize my waive applicability. Please provide your comments on it.


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              one question, are you trying to migrate back and settle in the US again? bestguest is to talk to an immigration expert about your a lot of people have said, it is very hard to gain any kind of immigration status once you did not follow deportation order, left then re-entered...i hope your situaion get resolve, ill pray for you...maybe you should settle back to the US illegally and wait for the amnesty, hey will ask you documents that shows your presence in the US and i gues you have a lot of documnets that can prove this.

              if the democrats takes over both houses, they will legalize everybody and i mean everybody..those that had been deported and decided to stay will get amnestied also and i wouldnt be surprise if you got amnestied even when you broke immigrations rule 3 times.


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