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my wife doesnt want to go with me to the interview , i still go by myself? or what ?

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  • my wife doesnt want to go with me to the interview , i still go by myself? or what ?

    i need help please

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    i need help please


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      interview for what? I751?


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        for my conditional residence card in imigration


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          why doesnt she want to go? If she doesnt want to go you cant make her.


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            If she does not go to the interview I have a bad feeling it will be denied. I am really not to sure what to tell you on this. If I were you I would speak to an immigration lawyer.

            The other alternative is to call USCIS and speak to a live person and ask to be escalated to an immigration officer and ask them your question. Either that or make an appointment on USCIS info pass to speak with an immigration officer and ask them the question in person.


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              she doesnt want to go bc we'been having personal problems and now she doesnt want to show up with me to the interview


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                She realized that you are a fraud and wanted nothing to do with it probably. Good for her !


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                  no its not like that


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                    Like I said in my previous post... you are going to have to speak with someone either from immigration or a lawyer before you go to the interview... how close is the interview?


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                      We can not give you details information,if you talk here in "SOUND BITES"....
                      give details please,if you considering helpful information from us.

                      All u say "she does not wanna go" but u mention nothing else.

                      Bottom line however.Your wife the U.S. Citizen is required to be at the interview equally,if not more than you.Her being there is more important than actually you being there.But the law asks for both.

                      If the U.S. spouse does not show up for the interview,the interview won't take place and the application will be denied on the spot.No questions asked.
                      Unless the U.S. citizen spouse is sick,therefore the interview will be rescheduled.

                      Why does you wife not wanna go to the interview?

                      I hate to assume stuff,but I think If the marriage was fraud and planed to be,and now an interview takes place,your "wife" is worried to be cought lying,then you are in bigger problems...

                      But thats just if its fraud and she worried now because of the interview.And interviews often take place,when I751 application did not satisfied them,as far showing evidence the marriage was real etc...

                      So whats the deal with your wife?
                      where are u originally from?


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                        Excerpt from Aliens and Nationality - 8 USC Sec. 1186a. Conditional permanent resident status for certain alien
                        spouses and sons and daughters

                        (2) Termination of permanent resident status for failure to file petition or have personal interview
                        (A) In general
                        In the case of an alien with permanent resident status on a conditional basis under subsection (a) of this section, if -
                        (i) no petition is filed with respect to the alien in accordance with the provisions of paragraph (1)(A), or
                        (ii) unless there is good cause shown, the alien spouse and petitioning spouse fail to appear at the interview described in paragraph (1)(B), the Attorney General shall terminate the permanent resident status of the alien as of the second anniversary of the alien's lawful admission for permanent residence.
                        (B) Hearing in removal proceeding In any removal proceeding with respect to an alien whose permanent resident status is terminated under subparagraph (A), the burden of proof shall be on the alien to establish compliance with the conditions of paragraphs (1)(A) and (1)(B).


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                          that's something she shouldn't play with.

                          This thinks are really serious and screwing up an interview can delay your case for years...



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