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  • Are Lawyers worth it?

    Is is worth employing a Lawyer to process I-485's? I'm perfectly capable of filling out an application, but will a lawyer fast track your application? How much time will a lawyer save you if this indeed true? What are typical legal fees for something like this?


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    You know, I could've filled out the paperwork myself too, but I decided to go with a lawyer. I paid for an I-130, I-765, and I-485 1750.00 (lawyer fee) next to the requested INS filing fees for the forms. I thought it is worth it, because the immigration laws to my knowledge are very complex, and marking just one wrong box, can delay or even screw up the whole process. I didn't want to take any chances.

    However, lawyers fees can vary tremendously, so do some due diligence and shop around.

    “...I may condemn what you say, but I will give my life for that you may say it”! - Voltaire


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      can a lawyer speed up the process??? if its a simple straight forward application with really no complications.....??? i am curious to know this too.... thanks......


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        I think if it is a well-established law practice, and you (he) would file locally, I have actually heard that they're able to pull some strings occasionally.

        However, that is between you and your lawyer.
        “...I may condemn what you say, but I will give my life for that you may say it”! - Voltaire


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          LISTEN CAREFULLY: If your case is straight forward then you DO NOT need a lawyer. It is the biggest waste of money you could possibly spend. I'm sure that if the proposed drastic increase in immigration filing fees is approved the issue of using a lawyer will become more prominent.
          When I filed for my green card and subsequent I-751 and US citizenship, I filled out the forms myself and then went into my local immigration office and got an immigration officer to check everything was in order.
          I was shocked to hear that some people take lawyers to the green card interview............what a huge waste of money especially when the lawyer isn't allowed to act on their client's behalf.....he has to sit there and say nothing.

          Getting a lawyer to file for you, will not get your application processed quicker...........its a complete fallacy. Where you reside and how complicate your case is will determine how quick your application is this I mean, you will wait a hell of a a lot longer in Los Angeles than you would in Vermont simply on the basis of immigrant population.

          I would only suggest using a lawyer when your case is complicated by such things as a deportation order or your case is denied or you have something such as illegal presence or criminal activity that may cause you case to be rejected


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            I totally agree with Paddy.

            A lawyer can not, repeat, CAN NOT speed up an application. That is a total misconception. They can not "pull some strings" like someone suggested.

            If you only have to fill out some forms, do it yourself. Use a lawyer if you need to file a waiver. Even if you had like 5 previous marriage and a 40 year age difference with your USC spouse, in this first part of the process all you need is fill out forms (no explanation needed at this point).

            Explanations of uncommon situations will take place during the interview, and the lawyer wont be able to speak then. It's not like in the movies when the officer asks something and the lawyer tells his client: "Dont answer this". Not at all. Officer asks, you answer.

            Save your money. If you need help with a question just ask here, in another forum or even an immigration officer (by phone or in person).


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              The people who make the laws are lawyers. They purposely make things so complicated that you often have to have a lawyer just to understand the language. Immigration, taxes, RE, Liability claims, eldercare its all the same.

              This is why it is wise to use a lawyer in some cases and it is also why lawyers are loathsome.

              I predict we will see justice once is becomes profitable for lawyers to sue each other for malpractice. Ah, yes talk about nirvana! Lawyer going after lawyer without mercy.


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                We can ask immigration officers? What kind of questions - are talking in preparation of the interview?

                Please clarify - thank you.
                “...I may condemn what you say, but I will give my life for that you may say it”! - Voltaire


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                  when I filed for my Green card and also when I filed for my Citizenship, I took all my forms into my local office and got the immigration officer to check that everything was filled in correctly.


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                    You are subscribing to faulty logic: the immigration officer for sure must know the right answer because they work for the immigration service. Seems to make sense, but fails to take into account the inefficiency of government.

                    Taking your immigration forms to the USCIS and asking the officer to look it over is like taking your tax return to the IRS office and asking someone there to look over your return.

                    Even if they give you an answer how do you know they are qualified to answer your questions? How do you know they aren't just answering you for the sake of giving you an answer?

                    Just because someone works for a specific government agency does not mean they are a source of knowledge regarding ANYTHING that goes on in that agency. If goverment employees knew EVEN A LITTLE bit about everything that comes out of their agency goverment would be efficient.

                    News for you: it aint efficient.


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                      Give me an example of a question in one of the forms (130, 485, ead, etc.) where you would need a lawyer's help.

                      DOB? Have you ever been in the US? Name of your parents?

                      I cant remember any question where I (or my husband) needed a lawyer's help.


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                        Sugarpuff, it is your logic that is screwed up. The whole point was not to ask any questions relating to the information or type of information I provided but to make sure that I had entered the information in the right place and I had the right supporting documents.......... even a dumb-as-s can figure that one out. Anyway, I had no problems, got my green card and then my citizenship..........and for your information sugarpuff, the new breed of immigration officer has to be educated.........I have 2 bachelors and I applied for the same immigration job that you obviously have derisory views on. If you are not an experienced Federal employee, you have to have a masters to even be considered for an interview..........the last I heard you had to have some brain cells to do that.


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                          Sorry and No Offense,but I can't but help it,how seriously people are so brainless and dumb to fill out the easiest application for the INS and sent it...and they for crying out loud hire a lawyer and pay over $1.500 just to fill a paper for them out????

                          I will never understand that,and the worst part is,someone even said I could have done it myself,but hired a lawyer??? thats a joke right?

                          "I could have done it myself,but I just love to give away $1.700 for someone else to do it"

                          Make sence? not to me.

                          And do you guys who hire a lawyer and pay so much money truly think that Attorney even touches your application and paperwork????
                          Think again, he does not do s.h.i.t, its all done by a silly paralegal that has the same ability as any 5th grader does. Read and put in the answers it asks and add the evidence and paper work they ask you to do....

                          Pretty Simple huh ? ? ?

                          Sorry but you do not need to be smart nor intelligent nor to have an IQ higher than 100 to be able to do stuff like :
                          " I-485 , I-751, N-400 " yourself,all you need to have is the ability to read and understand basic english and able to write down the answers.
                          Its done within 15 minutes.

                          And again the worst part is,the attorney does not even handle your application lol,to him its free money and pays a paralegal 15 bucks an hour to do it.And charges you $1500 for it...


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                            At least you asked first before paying.

                            I know many people whom have used Luther Services, Catholic Services, and others to fill out the forms with excellent results. I think they only charged the amount it cost to file it. They are there to assist, not to get into a legal battle. They would most likely refer you to an attorney if you have complications such as Paddy posted earlier.

                            Some people just feel more comfortable and secure with assistance which is fine. Doing it yourself and having it proofread by another for errors would be an absolute must.


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                              [QUOTE]Originally posted by Paddy:
                              Sugarpuff, it is your logic that is screwed up. The whole point was not to ask any questions relating to the information or type of information I provided but to make sure that I had entered the information in the right place and I had the right supporting documents.......... even a dumb-as-s can figure that one out. ]

                              Um, what?? So you are suggesting that someone else (a federal employee) make sure you entered the information in the right place but you don't think that counts as a question? You do realize that merely checking the wrong box or innocently omiting certain evidence in many of these applciations may get the whole thing denied or sent back don't you? Whatever, glad it worked out for you.

                              As far as your defense of the goverment employee goes again all I can say is, huh?? Just because a degree is required does not mean competence can be assumed. If that was the case we would not have a problem with our public schools.

                              Please don't take my disagreement with you as support for the argument that attorneys are always needed. Once again, glad things worked out for you all the best to you. Puff


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