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    "Yes, that is the way it is supposed to work. I can tell you though that if an F-1, M-1 and J-1 student go to social security at the same time there is a high probability that all will be asked for letters of employment."

    Perhaps. But SS card cannot be refused due to lack of such letter.

    "Also, F, M J, H L non immigrants do not receive an EAD. Work authorization is inherent to their visa status."

    That is half-truth. Indeed, H and L holders do not need EAD (and their family members cannot work). However, F-1 seeking work in OPT or off-campus, M-1 for OPT, and J-2 holders are eligible for EAD.



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      HA HA HA

      Where do you live, Mayberry? Look, the people who work for SS are very often lazy beureaucrats with an attitude. THEY CAN AND DO REFUSE non immigrants for reasons they are "not supposed to". The fact that they are wrong in doing so is not relevant because as goverment workers they will not be punished for such actions. All they have to do is deny saying what they said or simply feign ignorance and all is forgiven.

      I live in the real world on the other hand. If an alien asks my advice I will tell him what works not what is supposed to work.

      F, J and M visa holders are allowed to work on campus without an EAD.


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        "THEY CAN AND DO REFUSE non immigrants for reasons they are "not supposed to"."

        I suppose that this can happen. It doesn't make it a rule or a law though.

        That's why it is so important to post accurate information here and empower people in fight for their rights.


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          Most of the aliens I run into are afraid of goverment officials and are not inclined to fight with them. Many think school officials work with the USCIS. I am sure they think SS also works with them.

          People SHOULD start fighting bureaucrats however. I think Katrina is an example of why.


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