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    WHEN ARE YOU F-U-C-K-I-N-G ILLEGAL T-W-A-T-S EVER GOING TO REALISE JUST HOW ARROGANT YOU ARE. Earned it claims that I am anti-immigrant but I'm not because I am a LEGAL immigrant. I am anti-illegal immigrant and not one of you f-u-c-k-e-r-s have ever stopped to think what it is like to have to do things the legal way to live in this great country. You circumvent the law and now it looks like you will be rewarded for it. I pray and hope that those f-u-c-k-i-n-g politicans reap the whirlwind and are voted out of office once the rest of us Americans wake up and see that we are rewarding criminals...........yeah that what you are..... arrogant criminals who don't derserve to be here. Why can't these useless politicans see that by granting amnesty they will never even come close to solving Illegal Immigration and will just encourage it more. There is absolutely no incentive anymore to do the morally right thing and immigrate here the legal immigration will go down and illegal immigration will now go through the roof


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      Take your f-u-c-k-i-n-g MEDS you arrogant ****.


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        Maybe Sen. Sessions didn't have time to review the Hagel bill, but it's clear that three basic requirements regarding physical presence are:
        - The alien was present in the U.S. five years before the introduction of the bill.
        - The alien was NOT in legal status on the "day of enactment" of the bill.
        - The alien has not departed the U.S. but for brief and innocent visits to other countries (Under INA, that is less than 90 days with an aggregate of 180 days).
        The status of the alien 5 years ago is irrelevant, the alien must be illegally present in the U.S. "on the date of enactment of the bill" to qualify.


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          SMAX, you illegal little t-w-a=t. Take your arrogant, ignorant and uneducated a-s-s back to your s-h-i-t-t-y country. We don't want s-c-u-m like you here


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            Hi, Jean,
            Im very happy for all of us, I consider myself an american by heart. But I chose a bad time to make a move: I left the US in June/05, after overstaying since 99, that means 5+years. I had also tried the I-245 adjustment with no success, but now Im very hopeful. My story is somewhat complicated because I crossed the border to Canada to live with my actual wife. But I left Canada for my native country in Latin America. We started the PR process for me to return to Canada. But b4, I tried the Canadian turist visa with no success and I told them I was in the US and they contacted the american embassy and they asked the canadians to rip off the page in my passport that contains my american visa. They sent a letter saying they cancelled it. the canadians only told me but I still have my passport with the visa, note that the passport is expired since 2004, the visa is valid till 2009 if not cancelled, can you help me find a way to enter the US again? My process to get to Canada will go on till June or July. What can I do to take this opportunity that Im sure I deserve? It s unbelieavable what is happening to me! Im afrid of trying to enter the US and trigger the 10 banning...


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                I have to laugh. It is so funny that yet again all you illegal s-c-u-m were yesterday arrogantly patting yourselves on the back for a job well done and now you have nothing. Congress now has a 2 week break and I am sure that during this time some senators will come to their senses and shoot down the amnesty bill. However, I am not going to make the same mistake you illegals made in assuming that everything was done and dusted and that your time in the shadows was over. I'm sure that you w-a-n-k-e-r-s will be taken care of one way or another but it better not be before drastic action is taken at the border first. I hope you learn your lesson that you should never assume anything when it comes to the actions of Congress especially during an election year.


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                  It is sad news
                  however I will keep my hopes alive! From what I understand is that they plan on picking up on it as soon as they return from recess.


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                    Well said, Paddy.


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                      How can this be sad news? Americans trying to protect their own country from illegals??? This is great news. The sad part is they are going to spend another two weeks debating this, which is what? An entire month trying to figure out what to do with illegals, when all that time could have been spent on better issues. Citizens and legal immigrants pay congress's wages, and we are now paying them for an entire month to figure out what to do with illegals....illegals are costing American tax payers even more now.


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