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Denial of form I-485

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  • Denial of form I-485

    HI, I got a letter in saying I had been denied permanent residence

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    '' I arrived in the USA last year for a visit and decided that I wanted to stay here'' this low lifer decided to $hit on the law.
    You have 30 days to get the hell out of here, your time is running out, start packing cockney.


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      Tinkerbell: Your English is atrocious...are you sure that you're from the U.K.? I guess that the British education system needs to improve its standards.

      In any event, it would seem that you came to America with the intention of immigrating, not as a tourist - and this is illegal. Furthermore, if you traveled on the Visa Waiver Program, I think that you're ineligible to adjust your status.

      You've only been in America for a few months, and already you're arrogantly giving Americans lectures on what YOU think is THEIR history. However, you're not smart enough - arrogant for sure, but not smart enough - to even get that history correct.

      Regardless, America is a sovereign country, and it doesn't matter whether ALL Americans or no Americans are descended from still don't have the right to immigrate to this country.

      Your arrogance is unpleasant and offensive...most Americans might politely give you a pass because they're such incredibly nice people - but, I will not give you such a pass.

      You're a barely literate and arrogant visa cheat...PLEASE GO HOME!


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        Originally posted by Tinkerbell1991:
        I never broke the law - Any alien who is present in the United States may apply fir adjustment of status to that of a lawful permanent resident of the untied states is eligible to receive an immigration visa :/
        Actually, this isn't quite correct. Only certain categories are permitted to adjust status, and you can never adjust if you entered without inspection.

        All the ESTA does is give you permission to travel to the USA. It does not keep track of when you arrived and when you departed. For that, you are required to fill out an I-94. This is usually given to you on the plane. Upon entry, it's stamped and basically acts as your visa. When you leave, you turn it back in again. Since you're saying you don't have it, they have no proof of when you entered (or left) the US and believe that you were either out of the country when you filed the I-485, or you entered without inspection. Both things make you ineligible for adjustment.

        Your best bet is a reputable immigration attorney.

        P.S. African Americans were originally brought to the US as slaves, they are not indigenous. I believe you mean American Indians, and even then, evidence suggests simply that they were here first and not actually indigenous.
        The whole of life is but a moment of time. It is our duty, therefore to use it, not to misuse it - Plutarch


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          time is running out unwashed cockney...did you pack yet? I have the feeling you are a towel head, am I right?


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            Tinkerbell is just another visa cheat, whose full-of-holes story or phony marriage was revealed....and now....whine whine whine....solution?? Go back to your own country....please leave mine.


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              Thank you S12.


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                Originally posted by NO AMNESTY!!!:
                Thank you S12.
                Honestly want to stay off my comments what you obsessed with me or something, have you no life,


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                  Originally posted by Someone12:
                  Tinkerbell is just another visa cheat, whose full-of-holes story or phony marriage was revealed....and now....whine whine whine....solution?? Go back to your own country....please leave mine.
                  If you say so pal


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                    Good to see that the ICE man is coming for tinkerbell.


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                      and if someone doesn't know how to report these criminals, here's the number for ICE 1 (866) 347-2423.


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                        listen towel head tinkerbell, I will do everything possible to expedite your DEPORTATION. I have done it many times with great success, and a silly, ignorant girl like you will be very easy.


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