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  • September Visa Bulletin

    Bulletin is out and the family-based has advance generously for all of us who are in that category.

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    Bulletin is out and the family-based has advance generously for all of us who are in that category.


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      Where is the advance I don't see it?


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        i'm looking for it too, which category are you in or talking about.


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          Hi,I am talking about F3 ,F4,F2b and even F1 advance by a yearF2a moved up slightly and you what I think all the categories in family based will start to have a lot of movement when the next visa bulletin is out as it will be starting the new fiscal year.


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            Lets hope sooooooo!


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              What ya'll gonna do if PD's move 100 years back?

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              One day it will have to be officially admitted that


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                Sorry that can Never happen.October bulletin will advance for the family-based category.


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                  Well, it was April 15th 2001, last year May, now it's gone back 4 years to 1998 for F1 for it to go to 2002 will take another 4 years. Advance? what 2 months?


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                    Guess no answer.


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                      F1 category was oversubscribed due to a lot of green card holders turn citizen so they upgrade their petitions(as you can see a rapid advacment in the f2b category)which put a strain on the F1 category causing it to over subscribe thus the retrogression but they will now move on from their current date to yes maybe one month per month but at least it is not stall as was the case for the past year.Not only F1 suffered but F3 too.This is all family-based cases as some people here will get confused as a non immigrant visa is classified as f3 too.I think it is the student visa.


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                        Sunita, my mother is going to be naturalized in a few months and I'm currently 22. From what I've read, I can not be held as an immediate relative of a US Citizen because she naturalized past my 21st birtday (have their been any ammendments to this?) So, I'm wondering what I should do.

                        Should I request that I stay under 2a or should I go to F-1. Which do you think would reach my priority date of September 22, 2002 sooner?

                        The last time that I saw the Priority dates hovering around that timeline was in the April bulletin:

                        This is for 2a. You say that you think that October will bring a change of visa availability. What month an year do you estimate that it will pick up on? do you think it'll pick up after the March 2002 date?
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                          Sunita, one month per month? That means it will only go a year at a time, so if the date is now at 1998, then that's about another 4 years for 2002 to become current - no? So, in effect taking submitting a 1-130 took 3 years to be approved then another 4 - 5 years for PD to become current at current retrogression, then 1-485 adjustment 2 years - that's 10 years plus to get a green card - no??


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                            Be quiet you fool *****, thats why you have the name: your talking ****! So if you don't have something constructive to say - stay off the forum.


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