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  • La vida esta dificil

    La vida esta dificil para Los illegales en este momento . Life is difficult
    For illegAls at this moment . El odio se a regado por todos lados , hate has spread every where .no pierdan la fe mis Hermaos illegales . Dios Nunca olvida.don't lose hope my illegals brothers ,god never forgets .

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    Illegals knowingly break the law every single day they are in America...and then, their arrogance knowing no limits, they whine and complain and tell the American people that "hate has spread everywhere" when the American people complain.

    As for Adalberto, his arrogance includes writing most of his diatribe in a foreign language! It's time for Adalberto to return to his wasteland of origin...he is not welcome in America!


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      Good to hear that enforcement is working.


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        The post has been deleted by the administrator for violating the discussion board rules.


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          The post has been deleted by the administrator for violating the discussion board rules.


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            Mis amigos why so much hate . There are many of us who are just looking for answers to important Immigration questions , why people come here only to offend others ? Get a life mis amigos .


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              here's an 'important' question Fredy...why do illegal aliens refuse to obey OUR laws?????


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                This is a very good question ,every situation is different . We can not put all the illegal aliens in the same group . Some come because of persecution , better life etc .There are many who not even like to be here , but they know if they go back to their countries it will be impossible to comeback here . That is why is important a guest worker program .So people can leave and comeback whenever they want . Others like me , we get married here with American citizens and have children and we go to school etc , so we decide to stay for those like me there should be a path to citizenship . and that are those who only come to cause trouble getting in gans , committing crimes etc , those should be deported .


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                  sorry fredy, but virtually none of those rationalization are of sufficient reason to justify ignoring our laws....we already have many legal routes to live and work in the US...these $hitbags don't want to abide by those requirements or don't want to wait, so they just make up some dumba$$ story to try and convince others that they are unique and deserving of some benefit...or find some manatee to marry and start producing brats...
                  there is a path to citizenship, but the first step is supposed to be a legal one, not a first step into the river sneaking across our borders.
                  I have no sympathy for any of the 14+M dirtbags taking up space in MY country....all should be deported because none of them will ever acclimate to our culture and obey our laws in the future.


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