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$600 Million In Welfare For Illegal Aliens And Their Children

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  • $600 Million In Welfare For Illegal Aliens And Their Children

    More welfare for illegals.

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    More welfare for illegals.


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      sadly, there are many who see nothing wrong with this who frequently post on this site, whining about how crucial it is that we reward dirtbags....but no wonder California is going down the drain...with the drain on its resources by illegal aliens and their brats....but let's hear from all of you out there who believe that illegals and their offspring deserve, even merit any kind of financial recompense, but if you do, then YOU pay for it, not me. If you love illegals so darn much, then why haven't you taken a few into YOUR homes, let them use YOUR cars, YOUR daughters, etc???? Why? because you are just a bunch of unpatriotic hypocrites.


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        If you read the article, the money was provided to support their US born children. I believe the laws need to change regarding citizenship whereby at least one parent needs to have legal status in the USA in order to pass automatic citizenship onto the child born on US soil.


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          however, there are zillions more being doled out to education at our public schools, medical benefits when they show up at the emergency room with a hangnail, the car wrecks, and their negative impact on wages,,,,and I agree,,,,one parent (ideally both) should have legal status (NOT parole, which is not a status) before passing on citizenship....and...they pay for the billing the US taxpayers for their procreation habits.


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            S12, you need to put all your energy into writing your Senators and Reps who have power to do something about illegal information.

            Sounding off on this forum is a waste of time and efort. Just my thoughts.


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              In 1980 California was changing the laws in regards to the birth of a child in California. But that was sent to cold storage.

              ProudUSC: If you read the INA the law was very clear in this regardslike you said one parents should be a USC. But the law takes more further then what you have said. USC should have resided in US for five years after the age of 14. and for Naturalized citizen it was ten years residence requirement in US.

              The law was changed in Nov. 1986.
              Now all born in US or abroad all are USC.
              You are Right we need to changed the laws.


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                Jesus says we need to change law so too many Bangladeshi's who don't go through Mr Malik Papish don't end up as USC's here, competing with other Bangladeshi's who came earlier and with the assistance of Mr Malik Papish.
                Children of Bangladeshi's who gave birth to a child in US yesterday should not be ragrded the same as those Bangladeshi's who were also born to parents of Bangladeshi origin but came quite a few days earlier.
                The whole point is: Jesus says that those Bangladeshi's who have come here through Mr Papish feel resentful for others who follow their steps later and without the help of Mr Malik Papish.
                This law must chage.
                US born Bangladeshi's against US born Bangladeshis', HUrrey , Hurrey !!!

                "...I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should 'make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibit


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                  Seems to me they forgot the part that emphasized the free exercise thereof. The point of it was to keep the church from having actual authority over the people.

                  It's gotten so convoluted that the mere mention of God has been allowed to be called hate speech or recognized as being offensive.

                  Is it any different than those countries where they have religious police? Here we have the anti-religious police. Try building a church with a cross open to public view or place the ten commandments on display. There, get caught with hair exposed and suffer a whipping.

                  In some countries you must belong to a specific religion and adhere to it or suffer the consequences of stoning if you deviate. Here, it isn't allowed to be mentioned in public otherwise you may be arrested. Two opposite ends of extremism with both equally wrong.
                  This message brought to you by the vast right wing conspiracy.


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                    Olde moron is now a Christian, when it suits him. Yesterday he said that Christians were crazed killers. Typical leftist hypocrite.


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