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I130 read my case and reply plz

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  • I130 read my case and reply plz

    Hey in august 1999 my uncle who was an amercian citizen filed an immigrant petition case I130 for relative that is his brother(my dad) so he filed for my family)my brothers, mom & dad).In april 25, 2005 an approval of or case We live in lebanon.Does anyone knows when will our immigrant visas will come in handie or at least how many years it takes after our case is approved for us to immigrate?

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    Go to Department of State Visa Bulletin and find your category. The difference between your Ap 25, 2005 approval and the visa # date is your wait time at this point. You should get information from the National Visa Center but contacting them will not do you any harm either. Just make sure you keep proof of any contact. They are not competent or organized.


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      Hey Andie and welcome,

      August 1999 is your Priority Date. And if you take a look at Visa Bulletin, you'll see that people who were petitioned August 1998 in your F4 category, are now being processed.
      Check the Bulletin each month and when Aug 1999 shows up in F4 (or a little bit before) your uncle will get a letter from NVC with the instructions for the next steps. He should make sure NVC has his current address if he has moved since 1999.

      Approval date has nothing to do with how long you have to wait. It goes by Priority Date (when the petition was filed, you took your place in line). Now, if any of the children turned 21 or is close to turn 21, approval date will matter. But we can discuss that if it is an issue.


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        hey again thank u drangonlady but it would have helped more if u have gave me their #.And aneri i have 2 brothers who are now one 22 years old and the other other who's 21 does it affect right now bcz i dont think so:Sand btw the the interview and the medical tests are made when?


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          when Priority Date is about to become current (shown in Visa Bulletin), uncle receives some forms and bills to pay... when NVC stage is completed, your local embassy is informed... they contact you with the instructions for medical and what else is needed... when that's done, embassy schedules the interview

          let me ask you a question: do your 22y/o and 21y/o brothers also plan to join the family and immigrate into the USA?


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            Supposing they wanted to ;they want to get the greencart cant they stay for 3 years they told there is time to decide but what that change in plans?my filed for every member so they're included and they were little when my uncled filed for us and im turning 17 this summer so tat affects too?


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              Whenever anyone on this kind of application turns 21, there can be a problem with getting green card. But, there's a good chance that your brothers will be able to get their green card. This can be complicated area of law so I suggest that when NVC sends everything to your uncle that he contact someone who knows what they are doing to make sure your brothers make it over here.

              What are you referring to about "3 years..."


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                it's good that ther's a gd chance that my bros can come bcz we all wanna go we're goin gas a whole package(family)it's better for our work later on what i meant by 3 years is that they have to stay 3 years to get the american passport and then they can go..btw will they cause a delay or latening in our process?


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                  Andy.. you older brothers will likely be able to immigrate with the family if paper work is done (NVC from uncle's part and you sending papers once Pripority date is current)by the time they turn 26.

                  Look, when parents are petitioned, children can join as long as they are under 21. But since the process is so long, one can add the years that he/she waited for approval to 21 -- so, 21 + 5 and half = 26 and half For more details google "CSPA"

                  hm.. sounds like you guys have a little plan.. One has to be a permanent resident in USA for 5 years to apply for citizenship.


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                    noo wat does 21 +5 got to do.when we were petioned my brothers were 17/18 y/o & i was 7 y/0 that was back in 1999.when we we received our approval it was in 2005 my brothers were 17/18 y/o and now they are 21/22 y/o and according to the june 2009 visa bulletin our pririty date will be current/begin procesing in june next year(2010) so y we have to wait till they're 26??btw it's not a plan it's just that mot people want to be known a real americans when it comes to work its better for your background here i will go to uni. live and work in the u.s but one of my brothers may return and suppose he went working in saudi arabia for a while if they see he ha the american passport they will double his salary so its better for our background but most probably most of us will stay & live in the US so no plan just sayin an opportunity & it came 2 us...


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                      no, your brothers will most likely be OK (able to immigrate to USA) because they will NOT be 26 or older when Priority date becomes current.


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                        oh k tha's better thank you aneri!!btw they will give us the greencarts once we arrive there at the airport?


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                          No, you whining foreigner. You are mailed your greencards after admission as an immigrant.


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                            I'm not whining i'm just the curious type of person and i'm enthusiastic about it


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