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  • #31
    Hey Pasha reallity bites!!!

    You did not hurt my feelings! I've heard that all my life! At least you were nice about it!!!

    Wish we could meet in person for some real girl talk!



    • #32
      Tonight it's "As the Pakistani Stomach Turns."

      I just fed hubby swiss cheese and he accused me of poisoning him.
      Sweet Madame Belu


      • #33
        NO WAY!!!!Thanks Josephine I needed the laugh!

        Was it Swiss burgers or were you really mean and gave him Pork smothered in Swiss?

        It's nice to laugh for a change!!!


        • #34
          Hey JO lol are you cute enough for the A+ treatment?


          • #35
            I had him taste cottage cheese and chocolate pudding too. Fuggetaboutit!

            As far as meat goes, it has to be HALAL, or they he eat it.

            He cooks his own food, one big mess in a pot, he won't eat American style. (food separated on plate).
            Sweet Madame Belu


            • #36
              Hi kshelton2

              I am glad you took my replies in a right way... never really mean to hurt you at all... wish you all the best...


              • #37

                Trust me, I get A+ treatment.

                Pasha, why no you answer my instant message?
                Sweet Madame Belu


                • #38
                  Well. One does have to be realistic. But also we have to realize that EVERYONE on this earth is not after a person who is merely beautiful on the outside. There are actually SOME people who DO look a little deeper. Whether this guy is really one of those, I don't know, but nobody else on this board does either. KShelton, you came to the board for advice and you're getting it. That doesn't mean that each piece of advice is "all knowing". People offer advice based on the facts they are given and their own backgrounds and "stuff". Relationships are always a risk but you need to get to know him as well as you can.... As far as looks, including alopecia, there are many ways that looks can be changed/impacted/improved and feeling good about yourself and taking good care of yourself can have a major impact. Good luck.


                  • #39
                    I tried to load my pic for ya'll to is under Help (Anyone2) but I don't think it worked!


                    • #40
                      Hi jo

                      I never really got any IM at all ... my e mail address is same and yahoo ID also.... This is my primary account...

                      I never ever meant to hurt kshelton2 at all.... All I did is gave my honest opinion...

                      Well that's true... but in realistic world first thing in attraction/dating/relationship is outlook .... Weather you believe or not...!

                      No one wants to have a person with bad heart / nature... but that people find about each others once they get deeper in the relationship... you just cant identify anyone at first....and even if you stay longer in relationship ... lot of times you just don't know another person or don't know the real side.... Well its always risky but you have to decide at first and give it a chance while taking all responsibilities (pluses and minuses) on yourself only.... Is it worth to take a risk??? if yes.... If your heart tells you to go ahead ...then you should go.... People give all kinda advices coz they are not in real situation .... They will give you advice once and forget about it after couple of hrs .... But you are the one who will be dealing with it furthermore... so if you are sure and you want to do then go ahead...there is nothing wrong in it...that way you take all responsibilities for your action and "touch wood" even if something bad happens .... You will have satisfaction that you did what you wanted to ..... and I really wish you all the best...

                      P.S. to be honest with you... I don't know what other people think about Pakistanis and that might be true in lot of cases too coz people really don't have any benefit to guide you in wrong direction either... but I had some Pakistani friends in college...and they were really nice guys....very gentle and I wouldn't hesitate even once to go visit them...they came to my place also and enjoyed a lot....though India and Pakistan have political issues... We still keep in touch through e mails.... So I guess it all depends on individual... may be sometimes how you look at the real situation.... if you are optimist you will find positives in bad things too...but if you are pessimist you could end up finding wrong things in pretty straight things..... so there u go.... And kshelton2 I really wish you all the best....Pasha


                      • #41
                        You did not hurt my feelings. You were just being honest! Someone said I could fix up and take care of myself I just wanted you to see what I'm working with! I think you are more hurt than I am! God and time will tell, meanwhile I will keep you posted!!!


                        • #42
                          Hi kshelton2 ,

                          I am not hurt at all by all means... by the way...could you give me details of your medical history and drugs you have taken so far.... my e mail is

                          I might be able to guide what you should try ( not allopathic of course...still i got to wait little bit more but there are other ways that really works.... take care... Pasha


                          • #43
                            okay, I just spoke to my fiancee...he wants to check on me living there...


                            • #44
                              Great... excellent opportunity for you to check everything out...good luck.... Pasha

                              P.S. Did you get my e mail ?


                              • #45
                                yes i got your email and i emailed you did you get it! i will email you again! it is the same as my id here. i will resend it!!!


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