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    "They have absolutely no respect for women at all. Unless you want to convert to muslim, veil, and be good little wife/slave/servant."

    This sounds great ! Maybe I'll become a Moslem !!!!!!!!!! Allah Akbar !!!


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      Are you talking to me Michael, your dump a.s.s. should go back to kindergarden. I can't waist time on t.ra.s.h. bags like you, go find yourself a suitable trailer.


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        Out of curiosity, how many of the terrorists from 9/11 were from Pakistan?


        Each person is an individual. It sounds like you might not have met in person at this point? You definitely need to do that if you haven't already. I will tell you from personal experience that there are good Pakistani men, just like there are bad. Same for American men and men from anywhere else. My friend from Pakistan is a sweetie and is very respectful of women... Has your friend ever been to the US? Out of curiosity, why did you say this? "round trip ticket and some jewlery." Why jewlery? The forms for K-1 or K-3 are really fairly simple, you might could do them on your own or pay attorney to review them before sending in if you can't afford attorney for the whole process.
        Would you be filing with Texas service center? They are slow. Usually the I-129f is processed in 4-5 months either way though. Have you read up on both of the routes and feel familiar with them?


        I've never heard that saying "not all fingers are same length" but that is cute! and true!


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          Hi still...

          Thanks ... yeah I knew you wouldn't hear of that one...coz I translated from Indian proverb into English .... I still have to learn a lot about American culture, language, society and etc.... and I am learning each day.... Well I will be American one day .... Have a good morning....Pasha


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            I said round trip ticket because after I meet and get my proof...I will have to come back to the USA to file my papers!
            I said some jewlery because my mom who is supporting me in my decission to be with this man likes jewlery and there is a possible chance it is cheaper there and from what my fiancee has shown me that he has bought for me already it is beautiful.
            That's why I said that.
            As for the other folks answering me on this sight. I have delt with prejudice people all my life...I should have told you that I am least thats is what most Americans are calling us now...I won't go through a history lesson about all the other names that I have been called and yes I've even been called colored!!!
            I have met him in person via web cam...just not physical touch! He is a very sincere and sensative man and I account most of that to the fact that he is young, so he has not been corrupted yet. I'm beginning to think all men are corrupted in some fashion, sometimes it just takes a good woman to turn them around...and it doesn't matter what religion they are. I did dishes and cleaned and other things for my ex-husband and worked 3 jobs and he was no where near muslim. Hell he wasn't even all that cute! So religion doesn't make people do the things they do... not all the time. It is there up bringing and their personal agenda of what they precieve reality to be in their world!!!

            So, Yes I'm going to go to Pakistan first and meet this guy and his parents...Then I hope I will know for sure what his feelings are....

            But don't stop with the comments, I like to know all sides of a story...just see where other people's heads are at...


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              " ... and so far he accepts me and loves me with all of my faults...and most men I have run into don't accept me because I don't look like Halley Berry! He is real! And I want him with me! Marriage or Fiancee I must get him to me! ... "

              Doesn't this sound a little desperate?

              Well, well, well, take a look at this situation from his perspective. Young, attractive male in an impoverished country with no future. The best he could do is to grow coca plants and ship the drugs up north. But these days *god (Allah) bless the Internet* that it gives all young attractive males access to somebody emotionally vulnerable and willing to believe whatever they want to hear. Just think 10-15 years ago these guys would have no way out of their dusty clay villages in the middle of deserted nowhere. Not anymore. Think about yourself when you were young and wanted to just skip this boring little town where nothing really happens and go to The City! The City for them is called America! Where people are so rich (according to the American movies) that they just kick dollar bills on sidewalks without picking them up. Where nice cars are trashed left and right and you don't have to spend half your life saving money to buy one. Where people live in huge houses with beautiful green lawns. Wouldn't it be nice to re-locale the whole family over there? Just find some American chic on the web, bulls.hit her into getting a green card and bingo, home free. Who cares that her heart will be broken, I got an American Green Card! Believe me to some of these guys obtaining a green card is the most important thing in life. The Goal. So, I'd be really careful and not be blinded by appearances and sweet nothings. Just test his love by suggesting and insisting on a totally serious note that for his love you're willing to move and stay with him in Pakistan. If you insist hard enough what do you think will happen? How much longer will he *accept* and *love* you?


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                Poppies, not coca.


                Off to work, will comment more later.
                Sweet Madame Belu


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                  He already asked me to move there, and he would take care of me. So now what? OH YEAH by the way...I have alopecia...I have no hair I'm not desparate just realistic. No one wants a bald lady! And he has seen me with out my wig! Could you deal with a woman with no hair anywhere? Most men can not even look at me! And I turned him down to move there! Because of my mom having cancer. But I'm sure if that is what I wanted to do I could. So what is next SUP? Any other suggestions? I'm open minded!


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                    Pasha I'm interested in knowing what you think of all of this!


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                      Of course he asked you to move over there knowing that you never would. These guys are no dummies. All I can say is wait until he gets a permanent green card and mark my words. I feel sorry for you but it's your choice and nothing at this point can change your mind or take blinds off your eyes and heart.


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                        shelton, even ASSUMING the worst, i'd go for those few years of fun until he gets his green card


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                          oh my, mikey is an undercover muslim!


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                            Hi kshelton2,

                            Knowing little bit more about your situation makes me worry ... I don't hold any prejudiced beliefs towards any community ... so I will give my honest opinion after knowing little bit more about your case...

                            Now to me this guy looks little bit more desperate...being myself Asian I can understand or at least try to understand such mentality. And may be green card could be motivation for him in this relationship.... You said he is a very handsome guy and on the other hand you are suffering from alopecia and average looking ( sorry ... didn't mean to hurt you by all means...) then why would some handsome guy want to go out when he can get better choices ( please don't take it in a wrong way.... I am just giving my points of I don't mean to hurt you here at all )

                            Yes few points written by other members are right... like they ( anyone I meant Asians) like their wives to serve them everyday...including cooking / doing dishes / washing cloths and so on...coz it's a male-dominated society over there and here in USA both gender are given same place and respect.... So it is quite possible there could be fights and harsh feeling after marriage.... But again it happens in any marriage, right ?

                            Looking at your situation I would definitely advise you to check everything out very carefully.... Coz I don't want you to get hurt after you take some serious decision. As your mother is having cancer.... You are suffering from alopecia .... But it is also true that we can live with a person for 25 yrs and we wont be able to know the person .... So it's a kinda risky game.... Well there is saying .... " who doesn't take risk doesn't drink shampain / champignon either "

                            So I wish you all the best and take any decision wisely .... And listen to your brain also and not just heart ... Good luck... Pasha


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                              That remark to me and Bronzelady was way off base.

                              I am trying to get rid of one Paki, you think I want another?


                              Honestly, the only reason I put up with him is because I love him, and DO believe he loves me.

                              Even though he's a b u t t head, he's the best Paki I know. He's so happy-go-lucky, he bounces.

                              I know he loves me cause no matter how tired he was, he'd work my shifts for me, but I'd get paid for it.

                              By the way, Sis, they might do anything for love, but they won't do THAT.
                              Sweet Madame Belu


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                                You all have helped me so much. I'm going to walk with a tender foot. You must understand I do have reserves or I would not have come here for all of your wonderful and some colorful advice!

                                I now have a different prespective. Maybe, I will find someone here or maybe he will be the one, I don't know. But I'm going to think alittle harder about my dicission. Thank you guys for everything! I will keep you posted!!!

                                I'm starting to wonder now...he has not emailed me in two days.

                                Could this mean he is thinking twice about me as well?

                                As the Pakistan turns.......


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