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Do I need a visa to go to Canada?

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  • Do I need a visa to go to Canada?

    I just got my GC, do I need a visa to go to Canada? I am a citizen of India.

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    нахуй тебе виза, пездуй так.


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      are all the gypsies descendants from india?


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        What part of India? You will need to check with the Canadian Embassy. Though you can go via NY or any other crossing point.


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          Where in India? Better ask Canadian Embassy just to be sure.


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            Probably not - you can cross with your green card and your driver's license.

            But to be sure, you need to either phone a canadian border crossing or go to a canadian website posted on this home page. I would phone the border crossing because they make the actual decision. the number is in the phone book under the federal government listings.

            As a LPR of the US, you are afforded all the rights of a US citizen - except you cannot vote. So, since a US citizen does not need a visa to enter Canada and can stay for six months - you should be afforded that right as well!!!!


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              Just a note: my friend and I just came back from Canada and they let him in with just his driver's license. No passport or any other ID.


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                Why is it easier to enter Canada only with US driver license or green card and much harder for Canadian PR to enter the US?


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                  People missunderstand things here,
                  let me clear soemthing up. It doesn't matter if you're a greencard holder or not,in order to get into Canada.The ONLY thing that matters is YOUR Citizenship,in order what your citizenship is,that determines if you need a visa to get into Canada or not.Being a permament resident of the United States does not give you a By-Pass to enter "a" country without a Visa,such as Canada.
                  You are from India? Yes you need a Visa,Russia,any Arabic countries,any African country,any Asian country needs a Visa to Canada or US.
                  Basic Rule,anyone from a EU country,does not need a Visa per say,to Canada and US for that matter,but still need to fill out a costum form why they are coming and when they are leaving etc.Just like coming to the US...The only difference is someone from a country who does not require a visa,can only stay for 90 days,and someone who requires a Visa can stay for 6 months,in the US at least.Canada is similar.
                  As far US citizen going to canada,no, a U.S. citizen does not need a Visa to enter Canada.But starting in 2007,Americans are no longer allowed to use their "drivers license" or Birth Certificate to enter the US.
                  As of 2007 any American entering Canada needs a passport.
                  This is big debate,which will get into law anyway,many argue the passport cost too much money and 67% of Americans do no have a passport,nor do they know what a passport is.Its shocking and sad and funny at the same time.Cause I have many "smart" people who didn't know what a passport is lol.
                  Its understandable though,since 50% of americans never traveled outstide the US.

                  PS: the reason the drivers license in and out of canada changed is because,a drivers license is an ID. but it is not "fact" the holder of a US license is also a Citizen.Which is common sense,but I guess "some" people woke up late.
                  And showing your birth certificate was pathetic too,thats why Its all being voided in 2007.
                  Main reason is security reasons and Canada wants to make it difficult to the US to enter their country as the US does to everyone else inculding Canada.Remember,a Candian citizen couldn't enter the US with his/her license,but an american could.The Candians didn't make a big deal of it,but now they do.And I understand it.


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                    Thanks HBKHBK, I think your statement is accurate. Thanks again for the response.


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                      No, you don't need visa. See


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                        We went through the Canadian border with my friend just showing his US driver's license and I had my Canadian passport. The officer gave me back my passport and asked for my US green card to get into Canada. He handed back both cards and said "have a good trip".

                        Coming back into the US, my friend handed the agent his driver's license and I handed him my green card. We were on a motorcycle and did not take off our helmets or goggles. He went to the computer, keyed in something and came back. He handed my friend his driver's license and my GC and said "welcome home." No big deal.

                        It does matter if you are a PR of the US. It is very important and the border crossing guards know it. Gettin a GC is, in most cases, very hard. and you have many security checks. Canadian customs knows this as does the US customs. PR is the first step to citizenship.


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                          If you have a Canadian passport and entering Canada, why should the Canadian guard ask for your Canadian PR card? You don't need a PR card if you're a Canadian citizen. Maybe you meant US green card. Still, why should the Canadian guard ask for your US green card when you're entering Canada? Your Canada passport is enough and he doesn't need your US green card. Your story is vague and confusing.


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                            She said the officer asked for her US green card.

                            Do they track anything in the computer with the green card?


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                              That's weird. Why should the Canadian immigration officer ask for the Canadian citizen's US green card in entering Canada? A citizen can enter his own country without any question if he possesses the country's passport, citizenship card, birth certificate. What has the US green card got to do with his entry to Canada? Doesn't make sense at all...Can anyone educate me on this?


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