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UK girl and Green Card boy

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  • UK girl and Green Card boy

    I told my buddy about this forum i use to get my immigration questions addressed and he wants me to see what can be done about his situation.

    He is a Green Card Holder for 2 years. He will be able to apply for this citizenshi in 3 more years. His g/f or to be fiance is a Physical Therepy student in the UK. She still has 2 years left before she can graduate.

    If he waits to become a citizen and file for her, assuming they are married at the time, she wont be here for about 4 years. what are ways for her to be here faster than that.

    How is the work visa situation for someone with a physical T. degree? Is that faster categor than the other work/labor cetificates?

    UK citizen can visit for 90 days without visas, can they get a longer visa say 10 years or something with multiple entry?

    The ideal situation would be as soon as her school is done she would like to move here and work. If she isnt able to work, they would still like to live together in the US. Thats where the question of the visa is coming up. Atleast they can be together until he becomes a citizen and files for her.

    Any input of suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    first, a tourist visa is for tourists...people who visit for a short period of time and GO BACK to their country of residence...a student visa is for those who study and then RETURN to their country of residence,,,and an H1B is not realistic terms, there is NO visa that makes sense because the UK GF has NO intention of returning to the UK (of course, she could decide to lie about everything, but that means she is a dirtbag visa cheat-- not the sort of people we want taking up space in the US of A)..


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      He is a Green Card Holder for 2 years. He will be able to apply for this citizenshi in 3 more years
      How did your friend got a GC for 2 years?
      and you said he can apply for citizenship in 3 years?

      It sounds like your friend is married to someone
      here in the US and got a 2 year conditional card. But then again has a GF in UK that he's planning to marry????

      Can you please give more info.

      Because the statement I quoted from you
      is GC through marriage.


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        He got his GC on a family based petition and has 3 years left to total the 5 years required for citizenship.

        They just want to be together once they get married in about a year or year and a half. It would be nice if she can stay here and work, but is willing to just stay here until his citizenship file is processed and he can apply for her as a spouse. She doesnt want to stay here illegal either.

        So what types of visa's are of option to her being a british citizen? can she apply for a 10 year visa. how about the fact that she is a pysical therepy major, can she apply as skilled labor or something? thanks for your time.


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          Her best bet would be a work-related visa. No guarantees she'd get one though as Physios are fairly easy to come by over here.

          Yet another reason family-based immigration stinks and S12 is an idiot.
          "I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them. " - Thomas Jefferson


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            Here are the facts,

            In order to even be considered for work visa is hard enough.

            1. The foreigner,needs to find a US employer who would sponsor her for a work visa.

            2. Once she has one established,the US employer needs to show and proof,no american currently is available no csan do the job.

            Getting a workd visa is harder than some might think.And you can ONLY get and apply for a work visa from your native country someone is from.

            If you come here to the US,from england aka UK you might not need a physical visa in your passport,but there is a virtual visa in with your entry through U.S. costums,you are ONLY allowed to be here for 90 days and not longer.

            And if you are out of luck,the U.S. costum officer has the final say so,he can give only 30 days allowance to stay in the US and not 90. The 90 days is not garanteed.

            Anyone else who comes to the US from a country that needs an actual visa,can stay in the US for 6 months,the most.Then have to leave.

            The minute you enter the US as a tourist,regardless from where you are from,you come here as a tourist and HAVE to leave as a tourist.

            You can not come here as a tourist pretend like you are on vacation and then once u get here start applying for some other visa such as work and marriage stuff.

            Because you will be tracked and sent home often for lying to US costums during entery why are you coming here to the United States,and every tourist answers "for vacation" so if u do something else,they will often charge you for giving out false and misleading information during entry to US costums.

            U can by the way ONLY apply for a fiance visa,when you become a US citizen.

            My advice,do not mess around, and wait and get your fiance legally here and you will not face ANY PROBLEMS or worries.
            And trust me, you do not wanna have problems with the U.S. legal and immigration system,it can and will cost you costly - funny but true!


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              Something else to note with any type of tourist visa, be it a physical visa or a virtual visa under the visa waiver program, it's no guarantee of entry.

              Multiple entries and spending more time in the US than out of it can trigger a denial at the point of entry. They would most likely view it that she's using her tourist visa to maintain residence in the US.
              The whole of life is but a moment of time. It is our duty, therefore to use it, not to misuse it - Plutarch


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                thanks all. i will pass the information on. i will post if i have any further questions.


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                  H-1Bs can have dual intent. Go for it. Better for her to change major to Nursing. Much easier for work visa.


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                    Originally posted by JermCool:
                    Her best bet would be a work-related visa. No guarantees she'd get one though as Physios are fairly easy to come by over here.

                    Yet another reason family-based immigration stinks and S12 is an idiot.
                    Hi Friend! Hope All Is Well?

                    Anyway S12 Not Off The Path!

                    Thank God Those Gremlins Thrown In Give The Answers To Solving The Dilemma! Better Here Than In The Actual!!!!
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