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    The Immigration court system has a phone number in which you can find out a person's situation simply by dialing 1(800)898-7180. Then you punch in the person's A# and you get the info. My question is, how reliable is the info in this phone number? How far back in time does the data in this phone number go? Will it have information from way back in the early 90s or late 80s? What does it mean if the recorded message says, "Your A# is not in the system"? Does this mean that a person was never ordered deported?

    I am a greencard holder. I petitioned my 21+ years old unmarried daughter during the 245i period in early 2001. But my concern is that my daughter applied for asylum in the early 1990s, had one interview, renewed her work permit twice, but by the mid-1990s had lost touch with the INS.

    So before doing the 245i petition (back in 2001) we went to a lawyer who then called 1(800)898-7180. He let us listen to the message which said back then that my daughter's A# was not in the system, and so the lawyer told us to go ahead with the petition.

    Last week, we called 1(800)898-7180 again and punched in my daughters A#. And as expected, the recording said that my daughter's A# is not in the system? Does this mean that there was never a judgment made against my daughter? Does this mean that she was not deported in absentia? Did she accrue ilegal presence, though?

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    ***p. Responses would be appreciated. Basically, I was just curious as to how dependable the data found in the Immigration Court phone number 1(800)898-7180 are. And how far back in time do the info go?

    Again, thanks.


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      Not the most reliable of systems.



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        is a very easy system!
        Just watch my video at Youtube:


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          1-800-DEPORT ME


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            Yes, it is the line lawyers use to check status. Her A# is not in the system-no record so you can start again. No record means no record! Find a decent lawyer and start agian. Your daughter can also file a FOIA request. they will send her any documentation they have on file. You can take it from there.


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