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    Hi, Greencardvictim "Ted" here again to answer some of your questions(and by the way thanks for your responses and sympathy/understanding) it is very difficult to write the facts without the heart getting in the way of the head, but I did draft a letter stating the facts we married the day the visa expired, she hated me and my children many friends around us witnessed her very negative mean disposition, violent nature etc. I submitted the letter to my local congressman's office (per his advice) they have better connections(faster results)then just us plain voters!So I submitted an official letter of withdrawal to BCIS wioth copies to congressman's office (we were waiting for the adjustment of status reponse back, instead received letter "we need more documentation on a bonifide bank accounts, real estate etc which we had none. She blew it , we separated in August of 2003 threatening that if I reported to INS she would not help me with my financial burdens(bills, etc)since I was on a limited income due to work injury. She changed bank in her name only, got a separate P. O. Box and changed it 3 times! Filed for divorce in L.A. county which we never resided but the boyfriend did,however she has never served me the papers in fear of not being able to get greencard if divorce proceedings are in effect. She then notified bcis that "we" moved to the address that she was residing at withoout telling me. Anyway 2 days after I submitted letter to my Congressman's office they called me notifying me that our case has been under investigation since May 2004 for marriage fraud and should have some notification by November. Will I be implicated since I had no forethought of her intentions, until after the separation and affair will she be allowed to reapply? She does not know of these recent developments and when she does I will need to watch my back(shes Italian and a fiesty, hottempered one at that!) I really loved her, and married her with true intentions but she was good very convincing and confusing I never knew this person and that makes me out to be a poor judge of character and that is bothersome. I hope next time I think with both My heart and my head. Everyone saw it but me until the damaged was done. Thank you for all your caring responses. CIAO!


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      I too have become a victim.......I was married for about 7 months, but the **** started almost after we were married.. I found her cheating, and gave her a chance, but recently she violated my Zero Tolerance stance and I threw her out of the house. She had 2 friends call me the next day to say she wanted to talk to me , but I blew them off and explained that it was too late, she blew it. I sent the letters and documentation to USCIS to revoke her petition, call DHS to report marriage fraud ( Iwant an annulment so I dont have this divorce to contend with.) (She was seeing an old BF and I know she was going to burn me for the green card and run) I would like to see her deported obviously, I just wonder if DHS will truly investigate as they said they will. I need to have fraud as a reason so I can get an annulment.


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        Michael is the most educated person on this board ! Listen to him !!


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          Hi mike I share your heart ripped out of your gut feeling. I dont knw if you read last message I posted but I m not sure Do I send copy of letter to BCIS too, I already sent the initial withdraw to Congressmans office I assumed they fowarded it to BCIS If so where do I send it Los Angeles or Laguna Niguel? Also she has tightend the reins and is seeing me less frequently twisting scenarios around to make it look like I am causing her stress and harrassment. She promises me some time together but when that times comes she just ignores me and my emotional pleas twisting the knife more to provoke reactions and outbursts and phone calls that go unanswered she enjoys puting the notion of making me think she is screwing around into my head she gets her jollys hurting me and I don't know why. I believe its just pure lack of respect it works cause it hurts terribly. She has threatened divorce again in Ventura County andd says its inevitable that we have no future together and never explains why we cant work it out because it was never intended to last she just searches for petty past excuses ahhhhhhh!!!!Questin do I beat her to the punch or just let INS fraud unit takes its course or should I file before she does. Does it really make a difference who files as lonmg as mention all of the concerns? Thanks for help there is so much I dont know. Get this my last name is "Harkins" dump luck having the last three letters in my name as INS!


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            DO NOT WAIT for her to take action; sue for divorce/annullment ASAP; why haven't you done so already? DO NOT even speak with her again PERIOD; DO NOT CALL ; DO NOT TAKE CALLS; DO NOT WRITE; Let your lawyer do the talking; divorce/annull/sue NOW; notify BOTH the local office and the Regional Processing Center; but only send 2 letters; one now explaining the situation and ascerting that you were not party to the fraud and that you will send the annullment papers when final; then send them annullment or divorce papers showing fraud as the reason and that you won monetary damages; sue for fraud and emotional infliction of stress; do it IMMEDIATELY; I get mad when I see people delay this; do not believe her or trust her; only set a meeting to trap her into getting a service notice


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              I have done what I needed to do to start the process, called DHS and gave the fraud report, sent the letters explaining the situation and fraus to USCIS. I need to have the report from DHS come back before I file for annulment, I was something inm writing to prove a fraud attempt to make an annullment the only option for the court. I don't want a record of divorce from this fiasco! I got burned and would like to salvage something out of this. I really can sue, all her property and money is in Brazil. I just want her to get deported, soi she goes back home where she belongs so she can't use any other americans again.


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                YOU are an idiot. You will NEVER hear from BCIS. By waiting one month, one week, or one day, you will actually be helping her. The longer the marriage technically lasts, the better it is for her. And in the worse case, she files against you and makes YOU look like the bad guy and sues you for alimony and all sorts of stuff. You should hit her with all you got as fast as you can before she gets some guy to foot the lawyer's bill to come after you. She might be able to stay, and there may be nothing you can do about it. But delaying doing a divorce or getting an annullment is stupidity. Not only does she increase her chances of staying, she greatly increases the chance of humiliating you more and ripping you off for even more. You might just be a grint plant giving out bad information. Get out of my country fraudster !!!!


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                  Michael is right. Anull the marriage A.S.A.P!
                  Formerly Josephine Schmo


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                    Yes I guess I am a bleeding heart/broken heart idiote! I am at the law library now as we speak but I feel paralyzed I cant afford a lawyer and not sure how to go about this process . I already got the necessary forms for annulment waiver of filing fees. do I just x the boxes and dont include any letters of evidence , explaining why I am sueing for Fraud, alimony,spousal support, trauma damages etc.. She is planning a trip back home to Italy for Christmas without me of course and shes taken her new lover too(HER NAME IS LISA!!) I need help to get through this emotion hurdle..Yes maybe I m just to nice, forgiving, a ****, a nice guy who has finished last but thats who I am so I am sure you can understand this IDIOT has alot going on and alot to contend with and has to act fast and its stressing me out cause I want to do the right thing for all involved please help me Mr. Wizard!!!!!


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                      if you file for divorce or annullment, it will cost you less than $1000 with a decent lawyer (and you might even be able to get it back from her); if she files, you will pay tens of thousands of dolars and pay her legal bills. Still can't afford a lawyer???


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                        We would again like to let people know the National Meditation center fights exploitation we have a web page jsut to warn others about fraud especailly from philippine women we constatnly help victims but we foucs on prevetion thrugh education and services


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                          An oldy but goody ! Why do all the best posts come from Michael; I love that guy - he's my hero.


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                            <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content"> warn others about fraud especailly from philippine women </div></BLOCKQUOTE>



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                              You should say russian man ****ing b i t c h


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                                <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by SonofMichael:
                                <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content"> warn others about fraud especailly from philippine women </div></BLOCKQUOTE>


                                So, why do keep crying on this board about the ones who jilted you and cheated you out of money? You're a trip, Sonof!


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