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Senate Judiciary Committee to Debate Immigration Reform on March 2!

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    The guest worker program will be implemented one way or the other. I just hope that the Senate will no construct it into some monstrosity in the style of the adjustment for citizens of Haiti and Nicaragua.
    Most likely the bill will also contain some temporary measures in the style of LIFE, but the extend of those measures is yet to be seen.
    If INA is to be amended, I would expect the Senate to take care of some of the current incomprehensible statutes of INA and the unconstitutional issues of the House bill if such bill is to be considered at all, given the amount of sound legislation already in the Senate for consideration.
    It would seem very strange to pass a very poor piece of legislation, in clear violation of the Constitution when there's other alternatives to be considered.


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      If granted guest worker status all these ILLEGALS will become Legal Resident and workers of United States. Hopefully unlike some on this board, they will remember their past and NOT hate immigrants.
      What will SUNDEVIL call them then ? LEGAL MEXICANS ?


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        given the freedom to come to the US and work legally will allow many immigrants to go back to their countries after the work season without having to worry about paying a 'coyote' to get them back accross that dangerous journey accross the border. For some of them, they will finally be able to step out of the shadows after living most of their lives being worried about their future and lifting that roadblock that has kept many immigrants from advancing in our system. All you anti immigrants and your radical groups will see how all your paranoia was just that.


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          Hi NYC 001

          Do you have a name and e-mail address of the chairperson?

          Or web link to where I can find this information?

          Thanks Sue


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