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'One Doctors Tale' [ Read Disclaimer. Readers discretion advised. ]

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  • 'One Doctors Tale' [ Read Disclaimer. Readers discretion advised. ]

    Prometheus Productions Presents:

    'One Doctors Tale'

    RATED 'F' for FUN!

    SOME [Susceptible] Readers are strongly advised and warned not to take contents of this posting too seriously! Failure to do so may result:

    a) in mild heart-attacks or
    b) vicious attacks of the author of the post by said readers or
    c) other side effects of poor comprehension of humor.

    Readers discretion advised!

    FC Fun Content
    H Humor
    S Satire

    Disclaimer: All persons and scenes depicted here are fictional and any similarity between any circumstances, characters and information depicted in this post are purely coincidental. ================================================

    "WHOPPERS" ['One Doctors Tale']

    I know very-very good doctor.
    He doctor in Hospitle.
    Very big Hospitle, tooo many glasses .
    Hospitle have computer!!
    In our home no computer before,but now big computer, my friend say.

    And no bad smell in Hospitle! Nobody make poo-poo on floor or in the street. Even for pee-pee everybody use restroom!!
    This is so good!!

    I remember me and my friend play 'Dirty Game' when we are children.
    When we are children He always bet with me who is more dirty.
    He: "I am dirty!"
    Me: "I am very-very dirty!"
    He: "I am also very-very dirty!"
    Me: "I am dirtier than you!"
    He: "No, I am dirtier than you!"
    Me: "I didn't take shower for three months!"
    He: "I didn't take shower for NINE months!!"

    After that we bring one dog. Dog smell very bad but if you smell more bad dog run away from you. Dog always run away from my doctor-friend. So, he always win!
    This is also very good!!

    My doctor-friend study doctorship 25 years.
    He study 25 years for b-u-m-b-l-e bee doctor.
    He now make too much money!
    He put 3-4 b-u-m-b-l-e bee in people ***, after that he doctor their ***.
    Everybody now rispect him.

    He marry this gal from XYXYX village.
    She marry him because her father say he make good money.
    Her father is very rispectible man.

    My doctor-friend say they happy, next year they make new childeren.
    My doctor-friend say me he has another doctor-friend, also very, very rispectable man and rich, whose wife is very-very pregnant and my doctor-friend already knows other doctor have son after 3 months.

    So, my doctor-friend and his doctor-friend already make arranged marriage: my doctor friend promise to make new children next year, because he promise his doctor-friend to make a matching gal for his friend son so after 16 years they marry.

    Also my doctor-friend say Whopper cooked in his "Doctor King" kitchen-office is good for helath

    He say more you eat this Whoppers more helathy you are.
    Every day he give sick people 20-30 Whoppers.
    All his customers daily eat 20-30 Whoppers.
    He say this make everybody strong and smart
    I ask him , doctor,why Whopper is good? Why Whopper make people smart?
    He told me because Whopper is 'beef'. That's why cows is 50 million years older than monkeys and all men are monkeys.
    He say eating cows make monkeys smart, 50 million years more smart.
    My doctor-friend is very smart, he knows everything!!

    I ask how many Whopper he eat daily?
    He no answer for me. He say this is no good for doctor to say how many Whopper he eat daily.
    May be he eat Chicken Whopper, I don't know

    My doctor friend is very good!!

    Yesterday he bring so many Whoppers for everybody.
    I know he bring more tomorrow!

    All his customer likes his Whoppers.
    He is Doctor, he knows!


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    E; you have violated rules of our board by not following the order of Super moderator – Michael. Your posts are completely irrelevant, pointless and useless; they are completely off any topic remotely related to immigration. Please do not post anymore things unless they are relevant to deporting a scammer. Thank you.


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      Sir Depo Man
      I said earlier to you and to Michael that if you guys are Moderators then I surely am a God
      I also Ordered you two to strictly obey my Orders and to be extremely critical of me in each and every of your posts.
      I am pleased that you so far Obey my Omnipotent Orders.
      Keep it up as is

      Your Omnipotent Master,



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        There is only one God of grints – Michael !Please do not post anymore things unless they are relevant to deporting a scammer. Thank you.

        AMERICA – LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT !!!!!!


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          E - Listen to Depo Man ! You must stop this insanity !!!!


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            Given the apparent, ultimate fate of earth and universe, it is vain and nonsensical to take oneself too seriously.

            Robert J. Ringer. ˜To be or Not to be intimidated? That's the question.' Chapter 2, ˜Replacing the Myths', p. 22


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              E - You must stop this insanity; you are subject to removal from my country !

              AMERICA – LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT !!!!!!


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