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    Originally posted by ProudUSC:
    Hey Vegado, he was calling me a douche, not you. He really opposes those of us who post negative things on 'illegal' immigration. But, he never, EVER, contributes anything positive to this forum whatever. I've at least tried to do some research and gain knowledge on this subject. He's just a vigilante out for revenge for God knows what.

    Templar is right that was Timmy's reply to my Robin- Hood post. Actually I had to look up that word douche, since we didn't learn that in school and nobody I know talks in that redneck- language.

    I understand Timmy means well, but the way he acts and carries on, I picture him as a real hillbilly who stands in the kitchen, scratching his butt and then grabbing a slice of bread with the same unwashed hand- disgusting!

    Timmy makes illegal immirants look stupid. Even he does't believe that we can't stand up for ourselfes. But if illegals can't make it on a internet discussion board they sure can't make in the real world.

    And I have not seen one posting yet where a illegal immigrant asked Timmy to defend him against Someone12 or others.

    And Timmy I never thought you spoke for me anyway, since what you do say has no value. I was looking for help and not a bigger vocabulary in dirty words.


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      Now that I reread everything, you are right Templar. He was directing his post to Vegado. I'm so used to his negative retorts, I just assumed it was directed at me - so, you see, now he's even t i c k i n g off the people he's been defending!


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        So, MajMike, where are you in the whole mess?
        Don't you have anything to say?
        How did that conversation with your girl- friend go?


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          I decided to consult an immigration attorney, and to be honest the thread devolved to where I gave up on it.

          To those who helped, thank you very much.


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            MajMikeW - sorry your thread got hijacked (I'm as guilty as the others). I hope your situation works out for you. I read alot about sham marriages, divorcing as soon as conditions are removed. Just hope none of that happens to you.


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