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    Hello Vivek,

    Everything OK? Have you checked your status? Do you really think that we have to wait for another 12 months? What a drag!

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    Hello Vivek,

    Everything OK? Have you checked your status? Do you really think that we have to wait for another 12 months? What a drag!


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      Hi Bebe, well no news at this end. I hope that we don't need to wait for another 12 months or so. But the way things are going right now, it can go up to another year. I hope I am wrong about that. Let me ask you something? I guess your mother is the petitioner right? How long she has to wait for getting her citizenship? Because if she can become citizen soon then your case will be solved right away since case will be move to another category and PD is already passed in that one.


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        How long would it take for my mother to become USC if she applies now? I think it would probably take more than a year. And it's better to stick with the F2B. Otherwise, I have to start all over gain. Wouldn't you think so? I hope your sister and I don't have to wait for another year since the documents are already sitting at the Consulate. Agree?


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          BEBE, it all depends where she lives, usual time runs from 6 to 12 months or may be more. It's been already more then 6 month passed after file has been transferred to local consulate so if petitioner is ready for N-400 (i.e. 4 yrs and 1 day passed by after last entry) then it is a good idea to go for it I guess. However in your case your PD is around the end of 95, right? So you don't have to wait for long. And yes what a drag! Because of drag they might ask for new affidavit of support to verify that things are same.

          Also do you check how close your number is by tracking at local consulate's website every month? For example given cases below, first three letter for New Delhi followed by year 1995 when it was filed and month that is 6th if I am not mistaken about this. Sometime it helps you know. These cases NWD is processing for the month of October 2004. Forgot to mention I agree with you.

          NWD1995601001 F2B 10/4/2004 10:00:00
          NWD1995616012 F2B 10/20/2004 08:00:00
          NWD1995621012 F2B 10/21/2004 09:00:00
          NWD1995670028 F2B 10/7/2004 09:00:00


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            Thanks for the info. My Mom lives in California and you're right there's no point of swapping category now. As far as tracking the PD no., I've tried but up 'til now I still don't know how they operate. I'm sure you've noticed that when you check the visa bulletin, applicants whose PDs that range from 1997-2001 have been issued visa nos. and I really have no idea how the system works. Can you figure that out? Keep in touch.


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