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    Dear Rob

    I'm sorry about your Mom. Where are you from? Do you have relatives here or in your country of origin? Without having legal status it will be hard for you to prosper. I would not recommed marrying someone for a green card.

    Good luck!


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      I was trying to join the US military on a conditional green card and couldn't.
      The recruiters even sent a waiver request to the Recruiting Command.
      So the answer is NO, you cannot legally join the arm forces.

      Wrong, I did on a conditional card, I am still conditional and my naturalization interview is coming up. What branch did you try? Only branch that won't take you with that is the AF.
      SEMPER VIPER / Army Strong!


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        Thank you soldier and not just for the post.


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          Ive Lived in the United States since I was 3 years old. I came with my mom to the United States in 1990 or 1991 ilegaly. i went to school here all my life, i am curently 18 yrs old i am registered to the selective service system. i have found it rather difficult these years my mom past away when i was 16yrs old, now im trying to seek residence in the US. can someone help?
          Rob, it is possible to join the military. The first step is to apply for adjustment of status to the green card. What your parents did should have either little or no effect on your case. The main problem is to have a relative who is legal to sponsor your petition. This makes the case go easier. If you do not have a relative, then you will need to show that you are doing everything legally, ie registering for the selective service for instance. But is will cost you extra because of your circumstances and that may be the ultimate burden. You will also need to order one or more of the recruitment packs from the various uniform services. This will help you with questions about which career and which service. I would recommend either the navy, air force, coast guard, or the army. The Marines is also another choice, the Marines, but more than likely, you will go to Iraq or Afgainistan, but they have the best combat training in the world and could prove very beneficial in your adjustment status.

          Do not let what your parents did, no matter how noble the reason, affect your choice for adjustment. You were a minor at that time, no matter what someone12 or others say.
          "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." John Adams on Defense of the boston Massacre


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            Ok some light on the military matter. You cannot join if you dont have a GC. You may conditionally do so provided you have a letter stating your interview date for your GC.

            It is illegal for any recruiter to knowingly allow you to join if you dont have the necessary papers. The military do go through the INS to check the legality of anything to show them.


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              Yes, you can join the Army, Navy and USMC on a conditional green card, ONLY because the recruiters don't know what they're doing.
              Unfortunately the AF guys are just smarter, the told me NO immidiately, but suggested the Army.
              Nobody in the Army knows the difference between conditional and permanent.
              Legally, you cannot join on a conditional GC, please see the Army Regulation 601-210, pages 5 and 6. I had to do this research myself, because recruters were only interested in the expiration date on GC.

              Yes, I know that some people join the armed forces based on conditional green card, and nobody will find out.

              It was a problem with my GC, because I chose the specialty with 54 weeks training and my conditional green card would expire during the training.
              I could have chosen something with only 8 weeks training like a cook or infantry man, they would've let me in.
              I didn't have any interest in those low-specialized jobs.

              The recruiters sent a form G-845 to USCIS, got a response #2 (conditional). The Army is only accepting the response #1 (permanent). That's all the recruters know: needs to be #1.
              If they don't send the request for addtional information G-845, you're good to go.


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                Yes, you can join the Army, Navy and USMC on a conditional green card, ONLY because the recruiters don't know what they're doing.
                Unfortunately the AF guys are just smarter, the told me NO immidiately, but suggested the Army.

                This is not about them being smarter, this is about minimum available enlistment term, AF's minimum is 4 years which renders you ineligible with a conditional 2-yr card. Technically that card is a 10-yr card, provided in most cases the marriage is valid and based on good faith, they don't want to take a risk if the individual can not go through with the I-751 petition.

                I JOINED THE ARMY ON A CONDITIONAL CARD, NOT EVEN THE CARD ITSELF BUT A PASSPORT STAMP! I am now awaiting naturalization interview.
                SEMPER VIPER / Army Strong!


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