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Update on my I-751 from VT

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    E & J, here is the scoop:
    Went to CIS today with the letter and photos, was fingerprinted again and got the I551 in the passport. You can make an appointment through the 1-800 no., and don't have to wait in that long line.

    I asked the rep to check on my N-400, and he said it's still at VT, and VT will send me the invitation letter (I thought it would come from the local office).
    N400 updates from other people in No. VA:
    - a lady in line applied in April 2003, and hadn't received her invitation letter, but told me her friend just had her interview after a year of waiting.
    - I asked two people in the naturalizations/ interview waiting room about their timeline. One said he applied a year ago (but didn't seem very sure). the other one said her husband applied three years ago and his file was lost. He is Iraki, and she thought that partly caused the delay.
    - Talked with a friend who applied last summer and hasn't received an interview date. She just had to be fingerprinted again (after 15 months FP expire).

    that's all I have. In conclusion, CIS is unpredictable, and the timelines vary. I was anxious about n400 because i was eyeing a fed. job, but I'm not going to loose any more sleep over it.
    Good luck!


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      Chri: My friend who filed in late March last year gave me an update today, she received her interview notice yesterday and interview would be conducted at the end of April.

      I don't know what would turn to be, and did not receive anything on my I-751 yet. I am already desperate, and my husband is outrages. Already 24 months, and don't how much longer would be. The bad stories about N-400 are scary, hopefully they are only exceptions.

      Thanks for the walk-in information.


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        E & J:

        I received the appointment letter. Interview is in six weeks.

        Best of luck!


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          Why did they call you guys for interview? Can you list the evidences you had in your I-751 please?


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            Is it interview for N400 or interview for I751?

            Congrats on finally hearing something


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              Sorry to tell you but if it happened 2 weeks after submitting a congressional inquiry that's not why it happened. In 2 weeks the congressional inquiry hasn't worked it's way from the Congressman, to the liaison, to an officer who can make a decision. Just coincidental timing. I'm sure your congressman will be happy to take credit for it all, though.


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                Hi chri
                i was thinking all this time that we have to go and stand inline to get the stamp in passport.
                After calling 800 no did they send you a letter of appointment to get it stamp at certain time.

                I have mine extended for 11 mnths but i want to travel so for safety and more suecure i want to get I551 stamped but i dont want to go and stand in the big Q


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                  As far as I know you need to go stand in 'the big Q'.

                  That is what I did and other than the length of time wasted in line it really wasn't a big deal (nor was travelling once I had the stamp)...



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                    I didn't mean to confuse anyone. It's the naturalization interview.
                    My residence conditions were removed last month (see previous posts). E&J had asked me to keep them posted on my N400, since we live in the same jurisdiction.


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                      They don't send a letter, you should get a confirmation number over the phone.


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                        Hey chri

                        Which no did you dial.
                        i mean which 800 no.
                        Sorry for i am not so smart dealing with
                        ins situation. You answer will be appreciated


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                          <Which no did you dial.>

                          As far as I know, thre is one call center no: 1-800-375-5283


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