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    Jo i was joking.... I wasnt serious about **** well i got to see Michael on his website....i will pay for it... ....

    enough of laugh tonight.... i m already getting pain in my stomach...


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      Seeing fat slob Michael will definitely make you sick, ugly Carrot Top is cuter!
      Sweet Madame Belu


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        Just as quick note, Tenants have a lot of rights, unfortunately, 99.9% of tenants have not knowledge of their tenants rights given by the State in which they reside.

        I had a lanlord tenan dispute a while ago, and downloaded the landlord-tenant law from NJ, but for every state is very easy to get, and you will be surprised of all the rights a tenant has....


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          Originally posted by Michael:
          This is America; Tenants have no rights !
          errrr....wrong micheal ....this is america tenants have all the rights ...they have more rights than us the landlords .....if that was the case i would have kicked that bi#%h out my house a long time ago


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            Shame on you! just think what you would feel if som,ebody was doing the same to your beloved mother..even though on this case the person's eyes might have gotten sick of cellulite viewing!
            you are a sick Republican!


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              You people STARE too directly into things, and you miss the point.
              Sometimes, you gotta look at different angle, and your eye will catch what it wouldn't otherwise

              Now, Michael is a phony guy,so no problem with him.
              BUT, there are really people out there whom he thinks he imitates so artfully.

              Now, the thing about "those" people (by "those" I mean those whom Michael unsuccessfully tries to imitate here) is that their problem has nothing to do with tenants, landlords or whatever nonsense they come up with on this board.

              The most startling thing I found in common about "michaelesque" people is that they are BOTH, at the SAME time, impoverished (or stuck in the certain , unsatisfactory financial level) and unintelligent.

              1. Poor but intelligent man tries to find creative ways out of his misery, and that seldom means targeting and uselessly bashing certain group of people other than his own.
              Literally it doesn't PAY to bash immigrants.

              2.Relatively unintelligent but otherwise well to do man usually doesn't give a damn about "michaelesque" things, because he is busy most of the time having fun, doing things he enjoys, having affairs and etc.
              By virtue of satisfying his most immediate needs he has no room for recentment (at least THIS PRIMITIVE kind of recentment).

              So, I make two points hereby:

              1. "Michael" is a phony man.
              2. But, there ARE "michaelesque" people out there, and their most common trait is POWERTY and inability to get out of it.

              I believe that whenever we see/find latter we should think of the ways to help them find the causes of both.

              And, if person is beyond repair, then...well, let him live his life as he is destined.


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