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anybody know what happened to JC?

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  • anybody know what happened to JC?

    anybody knows how JC's interview went? if you outthere jc, please tell us how the interview went.

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    anybody knows how JC's interview went? if you outthere jc, please tell us how the interview went.


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      when was the interview?


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        it was 1pm. he told us that because he didnt registed for the SPECIAL REGISTRATION they might detain him, so i am curious if they did or not.


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          Hello everyone, i went to the interview today but i wasn't detained because of the strong marriage case BUT the lady who did the interview is nasty and narrow minded, plus she's got evidence that she could keep reading for 2 days but she didn't look at any of it (business in both names, joint car loan, 2 life insurance policies, business license joint, joint credit cards, wedding al***, photo al***, joint tax returns, travel tickets, school enrollment forms, 3 joint bank accounts, post cards from family members, joint business costco memberships, apt lease in both names, all utility bills joint, 2 cars in both name, car insurances in both names, furniture purchase reciepts when we moved in together from the east coast to WA, cancelled checks for the last whole year showing both names with both of us using them to pay bills, wife's last name change, financial statement for the business...etc) plus my attorney and an assistant attorney present as well. The interviewer is new at BCIS and didn't know anything about the process, so she started asking about our names the date we married and the questions on the I485, then she asked me how we met, i explained. She got to the subject of special registration and i described what happened, we were sworn first befoe we began. She went and asked her supervisor and came back only to ask a weird question, did i sworn you in the beginning? we said yes you did,she then asked for my I94 and kept it in file, asked me to fingerprint and sign on an application for initial card and said that they're going to issue and I72 for additional evidence about special registration, she did and then without looking at any bona fide evidence that we had which would indicate to even a little kid that we're really married and she said we're going to separate you and give you this questionnaire (it's about 20 questions) and it had questions like, spouse name last time you went out, your and your spouses favorite food and colors, when did you get married, how many people attended the wedding, how long have you known you spouse before you gotten married, draw your bedroom, how many brothers and sisters has your wife so we didn't have any problems i answered the questions in front of her in 30 seconds and my wife finished answering in the hall in the next 30 seconds, after we were done instead of looking at the answers because they were identical she put them on file and the attorney asked her to adjudicate the 1-130 and approve it and she said that she will do it later (she said she had to ponder it) but she doesn't know when, the RFE gives us until november to answer so we'll see, the only thing that some BCIS officers abuse their rights like this one, you have a special registration arabic notice that came out in sept 2002 but it didn't mention my country and said you only have to register if you came to the US on or after sept 2002, 2 months after that they added additional countries, my country among them so i read it again in arabic and it said you only have to register if you came to the US on or AFTER sept 2002, it should have been on or BEFORE SEPT 2002, now why should i have the burden to get additional evidence if the mistake is theirs "hiding in plain sight strategy" now i'm going to see my attorney next week because we need to have other officers who are experienced and know what they're doing to do their job instead of training on my case.


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            Mabrouk Jc

            Hey they didnt detain you!! thats the important thing here. The rest should be a cake walk, just enough to hassle you thats all.

            Just glad all went well Hamduallah.


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              Thank you 4now, thank God they didn't hold me there otherwise i would have lost 2 months of marine and general bilogy classes which i worked hard to pass, now we'll see they thought we have a sham marriage that's why they separated us even though we have very big and strong evidence but the attorney looked at both answers and he said they were too consistent lol, completely identical so the interviewer is going to pull her hair off because i think she's trying to show in her new job but what the **** she can't do anything otherwise the courts will prevail.


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                congratiolations jc.....welcome back.

                so you got approved right?


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                  No nothing got approved yet, she has to adjudicate the I-130 after reviewing out answers and i was issued request for additional evidence showing why i didn't register or evidence that i registered or evidence that exmeption was granted, now the I-130 part is easy and it'll be approved but my attorney and i have to do some documents translations and submit them and see if they accept them towards not registering if not we're taking them to court.


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                    I dont know if you remember me jc, but we emailed before. you gave me the website where i could find the ins document with the mistake in it. i recently got it translated in to english. my question is.... you said that in the first notice they never mentioned the country "morocco". what notice is that? the notice that i have DOES mention morocco.

                    and what other possible documents do you have to translate beside the one with the mistake in?

                    sorry for all this questions...but as you know i am in the same situation as you are.

                    or email me....



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                      That was a tough interview. I'm glad they didn't detain you.



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                        Thank you INSStress, i remember you RADDA, first when they implemented the NSEERS program there were only five or six countries in it like iran, iraq, libya, sudan, syria i think then a few weeks after they added a dozen more countries to it.


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                          thanx jc... hope everything works out for ya. i am going tomorrow to a lawyer to file the i-485 and i-765 forms and ofcourse i have to tell him that i didnt registed.

                          keep me posted on your situation ...later .



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