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hey guys really need help

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  • hey guys really need help

    my husband is in the military and we are over seas.. i have a 2 year green card then have to get the restrictions off for the 10 year one at the end of 2008 into 2009..

    problem: my husband hits me alot every night its a fight and he hits me, or throws me out of the house, or threatens me and tell me he would call immigration and tell them stuff if i leave him.. im haveing a mental break down and i cant do it anymore.. i havent called the cops because my mom told me to stick it through but i may end up dead if it keeps getting like this... last time it got bad where he pulled a knife on me and i defended my self but i ended up getting cut with te knife on my hand... i dont no what to do or what i can do so i dont have to stay in this...
    to the people who bash others im not one here to hear the **** im in a serious situation and i can get killed if i cant figure something out soon...


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    move in with proudusc.....


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      Plenty of room here. Thanks, S12, for giving her the heads up!


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        Where are you?


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          ok i didnt c the over seas part,,where do u live ?


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            Hi Baby,

            I totally agree with what the rest of the members here said - no green card is worth it if you are suffering to the point of having a total mental breakdown. Some mothers are like that (my friend's mom is like that too, her husband is abusive in some ways, not physically though), they are from a different generation and their advice (despite all their best intentions to "preserve the marriage") can't be applied to current situations.

            I am sorry that this is happening but I am glad that you're actively doing something to improve your situation. Good luck!
            Do all the good you can, in all the ways you can, as long as ever you can.

            --John Wesley


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              guys you no me ive been on this board for the past few months and i have never made up a lie.. if i didnt have anything good to say to someone i wouldnt say it.. but this is real.. i wish to god it was fake but it isnt.. i decided it go back to america on feb and stay for good he doesnt no it yet but i am.. ill see what the lawyer is talking about.. listen you may think jag office cares but they dont give a **** about the spouses.. im not the only one going through this.. 75 percent of the E-3 and down spouses are going through this and we have no one but ourselves to talk to.. i wish it was that simple, when you report it to the command they rearly believe us and if they do that means you are already in the hospital or something worst.. when i wrote yesturday or day before when ever it was i was rushing to get help... Guys THIS IS NOT FAKE.. I WISH IT WAS... the only reason i didnt have a mental break down yet is because he starts and stop for months then start back again so he isnt bad as most of them.. and when you do talk to another wife about it they are so use to it they tell you , its a phaze hes going through or some bull **** like that.... ty guys for all the help


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                sorry for this second one but the reason i havent complain yet because i was really scared of some of the advice i have been reading on here.. so i wasnt sure what to do yet... you right about one thing im about to say screw the green card because i cant die for some stupid peace of card.. mike you always have others back but it isnt as simple as just leaveing here.. if you are a women you no what im talking about if you have been in the situation espeacially if you are my age.. im scared i really am and i dont want you to take me for a weak women, when he hits me i fight back so he gets bruised up to... i never wanted my marriage to end like this i love him with my all. we went to the same school together been knowing each other for 9 years now we both are 23.. dont no what happen since he join the military he just went crazy and lost it.. my friend husband threw her down the stairs while being 8 mnths pregnant.. you think this is bad it gets worst but i cant say it on the comeputer... ill keep intouch ty


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                  hint to the double-digit IQ types that marry some random E3 and below: you are in for a rough time....your SO (significant other) doesn't earn enough $$$ to support a family, doesn't have enough rank to help you get a job or improve your education, and typically is too young and immature to recognize this simple fact......caveat emptor....(which in Latin, means either 'let buyer beware' or 'proudusc is a full-fledged wimp')


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                    Hey Baby

                    You do not have to file VAWA.

                    Right now just try to keep the peace. when you return to usa in February then you can act on what I am going to prescribe 4u.

                    If possible. can you start seeing a doctor/psychologist for your mental problems about how your husband is mentally and physically abusing you. keep the doctor's name for later reference to be able to obtain a letter from him.

                    Once you get back to the states. continue your sessions. If you get brave enough to leave him and can support yourself or have friends help you .. then leave him and file a 751 waiver based on emotional/physical abuse to remove the conditons..

                    Otherwise.. wait out the timeframe for removing conditions on the joint 751 that will be filed .

                    After that is approved you will get the 10yrs card. Then leave.


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                      Hi Baby:

                      If you don't mind me asking, which country u r originally from?


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                        Do you think anybody believes your BS story???


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                          hey baby where r u ?let us know if ur ok


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