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NOTICE OF DENIAL - CSS Lulac/ Newman (I-687)

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    If you don't file an appeal or motion to reopen within 30 days, the denial decision becomes final. LULAC/CSS/NEWMAN is a compromise decision in 2004 by a California court, which is silent on deportation / removeability of an alien's late filing in case of denial. But the Form I-687 itself raises the "red flag" on misrepresentation. Some people I know in the same situation as yours in post-denial periods immediately sought other immigration options (employment/family) and during the interview, their LULAC filing/denial was just mentioned in passing, but the officer based his/her decision on the current application at hand.


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      wow! great, i was thinking about filing a different application. so once the decision becomes DENIED and FINAL does that mean i wont be deported or placed under removal proceedings since I filed my application 2 yrs ago under CSS/Lulac?


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        Remember that this is a discussion forum, Buddy, opinions may abound, but binding decisions are nil. Nobody can answer here an absolute "yes or no" as every application/petition has its own character and destiny on the ground. When it comes to immigration, applying generalities is not always the rule of thumb.


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          I received an intent of denial wich is due on the 28th of March. Does anybodie knows what is the status of a Lulac member? The company that I work for has filed a I-140 (for labor) and they are asking what is a status of a lulac member. is very confusing. Can people from the late amnesty file for any other kind of relief H1b or E2?. About my intent of denial I found a lawyer willing to help me and we've been reviewing all the documents and laws regarding to Lulac and Life he is very interested in this cases. We'll see what happens next I'll be posting regularly.


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            of course everycase is different and outcome of the case is diffrent too. this is discussion and people didn't give full iformation of the case . whatever is written above if its true answer is according to the law. if there are some information hidden, can change the outcome..

            EXample: if you read threads.. people write .that they filed I130 married within 90 days, but they will not disclose that how they entered? then someone comes to the saqme thread and write his story that he got approved and finally he will disclose that it was not even marriage case .. it was Employer Sponsorship... Go figure what answer will be correct in that case..
            Its a discussion, not a legal advise..


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