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    lol, hi lanzen how r u ,,actually no i dont know everything ,there is still alot of things that i dont know about ,but hopefuly i will so i can help others. how r u feeling tonight


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      Hello Mike ,where I am in Europe right now it is 1:03 PM.You can't enjoy life without family,but no choice and just hanging in there the best I can.What did you wrote about Canada?


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        i wrote it yesterday on this thread ..i think it's in page # 2 ..go ahead and read it and let me know what u think's about 4.14 AM in here


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          sorry,can't find it,checked all 3 pages under this topic,or is it posted under a different topic?


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            actually it it on the previous page but here is a copy anyway (dont say i think it wont work? try it then judge's very very hard to get but u never know...well it may be a better obtion for u ... have u tryed canada ???? can u enter canada? if u dont me asking ..where r u from lanzen? and iam asking u this to check this out for u ,,,bcoz some country's in europe can enter canada easier than the u.s .... and also what is ur profession lanzen if u dont mind me to ask...if u can make it to canada ...i think this will be better for the both of u guys,,first u will get a job and work there..and second,,, u will be closer to ur family so maybe they can come over and c u once in a while ..have u ever thought about canada? i heard from alot of ppl living over there that's the only difference between the u.s and canada is the flag.....i dont really know about the canadian law's or how to get a visa..and iam not sure if the deportation will effect getting a visa to canada


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              you are amazing and my husband and me thinking about o too that,after what is happen and the economy is going down in the USA we would love to do so.The country I am from I don't need a visa to enter Canada .The only little and main problem is in order to work you need a work permit,to get that you need a job offer and that need to have a approved Labour Market Opinion.That is all possible but not done in a couple of weeks.In order to stay in Canada you need to have a certain amount of money.So as I said before our money situation isn't good at all.I know where a will there is a way.Applied already for many jobs but no answer as it is very hard to get one if you are outside of Canada.
              If you don't mind,what time is it where you right now?


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                a little slow but found the site.Thanks a lot for your advice.Have to do some errands now.Wish you a nice day and god bless youand your family.Talk to you later


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                  <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Lanzen:

                  US citizen are not able to make a living in Europe.Language,no jobs ,no health care,no money.You need to have a lot of money to pay all this lawyers,so we could not afford to hire one for the waiver.


                  the way you write you probably didn't passed day care.That is why you haven't noticed yet that nobody is interested on your comments

                  *****F U C K off you J E R K***** </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

                  Aw, simply because I tell you the truth instead of what you want to hear you curse me and hurl assumptions. BTW how does one "passed day care"?

                  You can't even complete an intelligible sentence yet you have the nerve to question my level of education?

                  Wolves Travel In Packs


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                    Sorry he lied.Don't believe what you see on TV.Only if you are really here you will know ,but not as a tourist ,to make a living here.Health care only if you got a job and the country I am talking about got 5 million people without one(not they don't want do work,like so many Americans)no there are no jobs.
                    Free health care where in the world you get that?I am not in England but Europe is pretty big with many other countries.Europe is not what everybody think it is.
                    Don't watch to many movies

                    Beverly: No,how could I,a stupid person like you don't got any education.


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