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How to get my fiance on the road to legal statis

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      Dear poster: as you know, societies established laws and penalties...the 3-10 yr bars were established because many many visa holders were too irresponsible and abused that privilege. But really...why is this penalty too harsh? Had your husband (or BF or SO) obeyed the terms of whatever visa he had, he would not have a problem (now I am not talking about normal paperwork delays at INS - that is merely an annoyance - terrible at times, admittedly, but that has little to do with overstayers or other visa violations). Bottom line: if he (as well as many others) just did what they said they were going to do (visit for a few weeks, NOT work illegally, etc) they would not be facing any bars - it's disingenuous to 'blame the unfair laws' because somebody decided not to obey those laws in the first place.
      Now, are all of our laws administered 'equally' or equitably? No. I cannot disagree with you there. Everyday (it seems) we read about criminals getting off scot-free thru some BS technicality or an incredibly soft sentence even after being arrested for the same crime for the 4th or 5th consective time (while also hearing from that person's relatives what a 'wonderful person he(she) is...he(she) has had a rough childhood and ate too many *****ies which made him rob 3 banks, 8 convenience stores, steal 14 cars, beat up and rob 18 different people, including 9 little old ladies and therefore he should do 3 hours of community service and receive a free college education at Harvard....' (stop me if you have heard this before)
      Anyway, penalties are for those folks who, for whatever reason, just cannot seem to get the message about conforming to the basic requirements of society. OK, your turn.


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        Someone12....Why is there a clause stating that if an illegal marries a USC they can then start proceedings to become a resident? Why is it that all of my fiances "criminal activities" are all pardoned once he becomes my husband? That doesnt seem fair or right but yet the government ALLOWS it. WHO is to blame there? I am not the one who made that loophole.
        My fiance and I have both been to college. So your not talking to someone who only made it to the 8th grade. ( And by the way, there are MANY who do not have a higher education that are extremely intelligent)
        He makes the same amount of money (if not more) as my siblings who are both registered nurses. As a matter of fact he just got his bonus the other day in which he brought home 2800. Not alot but more than some.
        It went into our savings for our new house we will be building. ( notice I said HOUSE not mobile home thank you)
        He pays for his health insurance and never has missed a day from work for being sick or for any thing else. He is conservative and he dresses that way. His english is better than most Americans. His family have come to visit on many occasions. And they go back to their country after their visit. They do not want to live here. AND he does not send them money nor any thing else.
        None of this justifies the fact that he overstayed and is working here. I know that is criminal and a illgeal violation. I do not dispute that. But it is what it is. So I am in love with a criminal. **** me to hell. Ask how many usc are in love with a "lawbreaker."
        My father sometimes goes over the speed limit. That is breaking the law..Yet I still love him.
        And I know that is like comparing apples to oranges. But a law broken is a law broken.
        But I guess if you are not going to abide the rules at LEAST be a usc huh?


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          Epiclaughter...was that you or some kind of imposter that posted with out any tomatoe faces? Quick someone take his temp.
          I know it may sound like I am trying to blame the "unfair laws". And if he would have done it all the legal way I would not be on this post today. (AWWW but think of all the fun I would have missed.)
          But if the U.S. is going to allow these kind of loopholes why cant there be some kind of penelty. Maybe something like having to pay the government so much money EVERY month. We have to check in monthly. I dont know what, but I do think there should be some type of punishment. Of course I already know what you think...."SEND THE GRINTS BACK"
          But Epic..I saw what my mother went through when my father stayed in Europe for 4 months while we were here. I dont want to go through that if I dont HAVE to. I know that is very selfish and childish. I wasnt waiting down by the border for my prince to come along. I didnt ask him to get a tourist visa so he could overstay it. He didnt come here to marry an American girl. He came here for a beter chance at life. Yes..he did it the criminal way. And he will end up paying for that in some way or another...just hopefully not at Epics monthly bond fire.....But seriously...I know the correct and honest way to go about this..I am just not willing to do it...


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            BURN, GRINTS, BURN!!!


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              ....Now theres the Epic I know...should of known the duct tape wouldnt last that long.....


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                O, GRINT-LOVER avatar!!!


                BURN, GRINTS, BURN!!!


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                  No law is perfect, and immigration law certainly isn't. The problem isn't just that the law has loophole, but illegals are constantly taking advantage and exposed new loopholes as soon as the old one is closed. For example, Californians vote to end any support for illegals, but before it can be implemented, illegals support group sue and tied it up in the court of law. Thats basically the price you paid when you lived in a state governed by laws and regulations. Even if you know someone commit a crime without reasonable doubt, you can't just throw them to jail. The entire criminal justice system must proceed first.

                  As for penalty or amnesty, it has been done before with no effect on preventing illegal immigration (86 amnesty, LIFE act, etc). Besides, who'll pay for a penalty that they know is next to impossible to enforced? Another example, many illegals are now filing taxes with ITIN, with the primary reason of getting tax refund. Another reason is to help them legalize when a future amnesty might appear. If not for that incentives, why else would they exposed themselves to the system and risk more trouble down the road? Not saying that all illegals have that train of thought, but you'll be surprised on what the majority thinks.

                  avatar stated "But seriously...I know the correct and honest way to go about this..I am just not willing to do it..."
                  If thats your attitude, why should exemption be made in your case? The same question applies to all illegals as well.


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                    **** ON GRINTS, **** ON GRINTS!!!!!


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                      What I meant by " I am just not willing to do it"... is I am not willing to be seperated from my fiance or my family if I dont HAVE to be. Because of this loophole I am abel to make that choice in a way. As dishonest as that is,I am only human. And my feelings are real. The thought of being severed from my fiance or my family really hurts.I understand what everyone is trying to say on both sides of the fence. Maybe I have too much compassion...or maybe I think that love has no limits. Since I have posted on this board I have been nothing but truthful and honest of my situation, and of my feelings. I understand that there are fraud marriages and ALL that other stuff. I dont blame any one that is frustrated with the whole immagration scenerio, whether you are a illegal immigrant, a illegal immigrant hater...or just an immigrant hater ( epics name goes here)....I am glad to hear everyones views because it has opened my eyes about ALOT of things..


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                        I don't view what you're planning to do as exploiting a loophole. Afterall, its a policy regulated by USCIS to serve those that are in your current situation. Now whether the policy is a fair one or not, thats another story alltogether.

                        I commend you for being honest and forthcoming, without trying to make any excuse nor blaming anyone else. Its a pleasant change than the attitude of some others who've total disregard of the law while in the same time crying foul and blame everything on the USCIS/Govt/whatever you name it to satisfy their own personal agenda. Naturally in their puny mind, their own shortcomings or infractions is non-existant.


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                          **** ON YOU, ****HEAD GRINTS, **** ON YOU!!!

                          BURN, GRINTS, BURN!!!


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