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    On the ILW homepage there is a link on the left for Terms of Use. The following is the paragraph for the Discussion Board.

    Discussion Board Disclaimer
    Nothing included in these pages should be construed as creating an attorney-client relationship between participants in these discussions and ILW.COM (and/or attorneys who post on this site), nor should anything in these discussions be deemed the provision of legal advice or a legal opinion. Participation in the discussion contained herein is not confidential or privileged and any material submitted or comments made should not be deemed to be confidential or privileged. Users of ILW.COM's discussion board rely on information on the page at their own risk. The information on the site is not intended to substitute for a consultation with a lawyer. Please use common courtesy, and refrain from using foul language. Posters of inappropriate messages will be barred from the discussion board.


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      you wont understand me... u got to study more and do some PhD ... good luck...


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        Hi ghost,

        I agree with you...


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          If the restaurant is run by a bunch of illegal aliens, the last thing they are going to do is call the cops to get me forceably removed. I know too much about their illegal activities for that. You need to learn how to control the grints.

          I have no plans to get a PhD - I am 'book smart & street smart' -- no education can substitute for that my friend.


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            Then u better make plans... i can see how much you are 'book smart & street smart' ... do a favor to urself ... and get Rx ...your Obsession is getting worse enough .... U need to find something on this board

            [This message was edited by Pasha Patel on February 08, 2004 at 12:55 PM.]


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              Did I mention illegals? You brought it up in any case there is no cop maybe illegal guys serving as security; this time you're really in deep doo doo. Try to respect the rules of humanity.. Treat others as you want them to treat you; that's the least you can do with the minimum intelligence.


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                lol, book smart and street smart,just another feeble and meek attempt by those without any credentials to try to salvage their non-existant pride


                • #53
                  Thanks Ghost

                  I don't know what I would do without your profound lessons in life. I feel much better now and I think I'll go see if I can marry one of those russian brides. You grints aren't so bad after all. I've learned so much here and now I will go off to take on the world.

                  A shout out to Someone12, moondin, michael, paddy, acelaw, aceIaw, and my other buddies who actually see the world for what it is. God Bless America and God Bless ILW for all that it stands for. You people are beautiful and bring out the best in all of us. Peace out.


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                    Good luck ... You dont need to go for russian bride... I m sure you got *someone*...Have a great day...Pasha


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                      Thank you Pasha. No one in my life right now - it is very lonely but I will find someone. Sorry for being so mean to you. God bless and good luck with your career.

                      Sorry to all of those that I have insulted:

                      Josephine Schmo
                      Still Learning

                      and especially to irritated!!!

                      May you all prosper, may you all have your wishes come true, and may you all live a rich & healthy life.

                      Love irri2


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                        Thanks for your wishes irri ... good move from your side at right time ...wish u all the best too... Pasha


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                          My suicide remark was hypothetically spoken to make a point.

                          You are dealing with real people here, with real feelings and emotions. Trust me, I never shed a tear over you.

                          Obsession is dangerous, please get help.
                          Sweet Madame Belu


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                            No apologies are necessary to me, but I must say, it was a nice gesture on your part to make peace with those who had really been offended.

                            Might I make a suggestion? If you were alone at the time, as you said in your post, and found the flurry of attention necessary to keep your mind at ease, why didn't you extend a hand of friendship?

                            There are lots of very kind souls on this board, who take the time to offer support to those in need. I know, as I have been there and learned first hand. Just thought it might be nice to set everyone's minds at ease, and next time you have such an urge, invite some of the members over to the ILW chat room, and have some good fun.

                            Hope all will be better for you........


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