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    Dear ILW members, after reviewing the posts on this board we found that some members are using this board to post extraneous issues that are offensive, violent, and racially prejudiced, and based on that we decided to suspend some accounts starting with Michael Schmidt's account hoping that this action will teach him a lesson to respect the others, and bring him back to reality.

    Mr. Schmidt contacted us to express his sincere apology, and asked for a last chance, based on that hi request to reactivate his membership is approved after 10 days of suspension.

    Thank you for being members of ILW.

    If you have any comments or suggestions please do not hesitate to write them down.

  • #2
    Can't even spell my name right. Clowns


    • #3
      As one of the "evil commie grints", Michael's comments never really offended me but only chose to give me incentive to strive harder to spite him. He added humor to the board whether he realized it or not( because most people laughed at him anyways).


      • #4
        I can't believe that some people are that bored


        • #5
          I just don't understand why the Administrator didn't suspend or cancel his membership before.


          • #6
            He doesn't seem to be posting as much. In the past the best way to contact the adminstrator or "powers that be" has been to use the "contact us" at the bottom of the screen and email them.


            • #7
              For your information, I am the administrator of this board. I own work for USCIS and I monitor everyones activities here. I gain valuable data on people so I never censor anyone's comments. But everything they say will come back to them I promise you. Many people have been deported and are in the process of being deported. Likewise, many people have also earned their freedom as it cuts both ways. Always remember I am watching.


              • #8
                ALLAH HU AKBAR...i'm amazed that I was not even considered for being suspended .. May be people like me huh..DEATH unto america


                • #9
                  Stupid a s s like you cant even figure out that this is not the real ILW Admin After all Michael = AMERICAN is more intelligent than you ...God bless America


                  • #10
                    Dear Admin,
                    That is not fare to suspend Michael's account for 10 days and leave the other moron to say what he wants, if you review the posts of both of them you'll see that they're both at the same level of stupidity.

                    Thank you for your time and great service.

                    Keep up the good work.


                    • #11
                      It wasn't posted by an Admin....

                      Just somebody who made up a name that looks like it may be a moderator... It is not - actually, it was probably just Mike-Hole himself.



                      • #12
                        It makes sense to me that he was suspended, the A-hole disappeared for a while and that was unusual, also his buddy Depo-Man disappeared since that date.


                        • #13
                          Hi Injoy...

                          Its not the ILW Administrator / Moderator me on this one .... Lot of people just try to make different spicy IDs on this board ... this kinda activities have been all the time on this board ..... this ILW. Administrator has junior member title written below ....if real ILW admin writes then its written admin member or if moderator writes than its written ILW Moderator Member trust on this one's a fake ID in this post ....have a great day...Pasha


                          • #14
                            That also makes sense, I wrote my post based on assumption that this is the real Admin, it is funny though how Michael disappeared all the sudden and now he has a better attitude!

                            Michael my friend, I hope you're having a good day


                            • #15
                              I am to busy processing I-751 rejections to play games here; I am up to 2000 applications a day and I am rejecting 54%.


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