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Do I need a lawyer to file for H1b?

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  • Do I need a lawyer to file for H1b?

    I need to start my H1b process, but I have to pay for it. It's approximately $4000! Can I do it myself and save $2500? Is it a complicated process?

    Thank you!

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    I need to start my H1b process, but I have to pay for it. It's approximately $4000! Can I do it myself and save $2500? Is it a complicated process?

    Thank you!


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      You should hire a lawyer but need not to spend $4000.
      It's my current observation that most well qualified attorneys will charge around $1200-$1500 for I-129 filing.



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        Tess, the best thing to do is probably hire a lawyer, but it will also depend on how well versed you are in immigration law and proceedures. Your company needs to file the form, at least. You might want to work out an arrangement or place a condition in your contract, to have the employer loan you the money to retain the lawyer.
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          Most greedy immigration attorneys charge about $3500-4000 to file an H1b (I 129)...which, if translated into billable hours, would be about 20 (@ $150-$200 per hour)....actual time spent? About 2 hours!!! The I 129 is a "fill in the dots" form mostly - and the cover letter is usually some rehash of a boiler plate form that often exaggerates the abilities/responsibilities of the applicant. If you hate money, by all means, engage the "services" of an immigration attorney. To do it yourself would take maybe 3 hours plus the cost of a ball point pen (to color in the circles on the forms) decide.


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            There is another important aspect of hiring and engaging attorney, and it well worth $1200 in case of H-1b.

            When application is filed by a lay-man*(applicant itself), assumption could be made (unless hired by Boeing or GMC) that :

            1. Applicant couldn't afford attorney, thus applicant is poor & desperate ,

            2. Poor & desperate = doing low end jobs,

            3. Doing low end jobs = stupid,

            4. Stipid = by definition can't fill out a good, approvable application, so let's deny it to be on safe side.

            Then it's up to applicant to struggle and overcome the denial, even for the most minor technical mistake or simply for vague interpretation of regulations by one who decided application..


            *In case of H-1 this would be employer


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              Thank you all for your replies.


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                U R Welcome


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                  you should remember that $3000-$4000, probably includes the $1500 filing fee. (it should include it) and that if you want your case to go forward, that is ... off in the future you are going to want to apply for permanent residence and citizenship it may well be worth your while to use an attorney who can assure that you get the most time you can to be in H-1B or other approved status.

                  And, if I'm not mistaken, the employer must pay the filing fee, not the employee/H-1B applicant.


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                      Your employer has to file the H1B forms on your behalf. They will very likely draw on the advice of their company lawyers.

                      You cannot file this petition unless you are the employer


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                        Good lawyer is always a must


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