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    Save the USA!!! Deport Michael!!!


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      There should be a civilized discussion and at the end I'm sure Michael will be deported and people will wake up and realize that the rug is not holy.

      Deport Michael, deprt all leeches.


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        The rug is not holy....I motion to second that!
        All in favor to deport Michael?????


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          Be careful, you're also on the list.
          Deport Michael, Deport all leeches, Rug is not holy.


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            Prayer rugs have a purpose... to use it for prayers.

            I can't believe there are so many ignorant people out-there... who live on La-La-Land! mentality.

            I guess I have to explain what Islam is too...

            This is the problem with the world today, the gap between Dumb! people and people who have some knowledge is so BIG!... they can't even tell who would be a better president between John F. Kerry and George W. Bush.


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              hi everyone ...

              actually there is lot of confusion going on over here... I m not addressing my reply to anyone or putting down or supporting any religion but it solely depends on the person if he believes that rug is holly or not.... Whatever others think that has no effect whatsoever ... I don't belong to Muslim religion but in out religion also there are special rugs for prayer and that is considered to be depends upon personal belief... in fact anything that goes for prayer is considered to be holy... for example ... u cant use that in toilet or somewhere else as ignorant depo man wrote...

              I had lots of muslim friends and lot of times there are pictures of Makka – Madina on that rug... so they consider it as a holy place...well I don't have detailed knowledge but they believe if u visit this place, ur sins are forgiven...same thing goes in our religion also... though I have seen special religious rugs they hang on wall also with religious pictures and material... I think the best person to decide here is mian ... if he thinks rug is holy then it is holy and if he believes its just a rug then it's a rug... but I would still consider it as a holy based on my personal belief...Pasha


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                Jo Jo

                I believe in Jesus, but my religion or faith doesnt permit me to worship him, simply because Jesus was a prophet to god, and he was created by god just god created man (and woman).

                There is a lot paranoia surrounding this forum I don't want to further argue with people on the issue of god, and what to do with prayer rugs when you run out ideas.


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                  You're such a wonderful person. The rug itself is not holy, the plate you eat on is not holy, if you put a religious sybmbol on it like words from the bible, Koran, or any other holy book, then it becomes symbolic.

                  An idea for Josie, have him to take it off the wall, buy him a frame that has a verse from his holy book and see what he is going to do with it!

                  If he put it himself on the wall then Michael should be deported, and the rug is not holy.

                  Deport Michael, deport all leeches.


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                    Why Mo is mad? who accused Mo by not believing in jesus?


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                      Hi Injoy ,

                      Thanks for your kind words ... I m happy for you that stressful days are over for you and INStress is now Injoy... I understood your reply but this depends on individual, their culture and their beliefs but you are right in your version because religion is based on one's own faith and beliefs... I am not debating with you so please don't get me wrong but when I read your reminded me of one of those religious stories that my grandpa used to tell me when I was a kid... I will write it here in short...

                      "There was an evil king that didn't believe in God. So he ordered all his soldiers to destroy temples, churches, mosques and everything that is related to God in his town. His army following orders destroyed everything in the town and told everyone to worship the king. When soldiers were going back after doing their work, they saw one beggar lying under the tree with photo of God and he was praying God. Soldiers came to destroy the God's picture and wanted to give him King's picture to worship. The poor man didn't give up... soldiers looking at poor old man first tried to explain him and not hurt...after all he was lil poor old man... they said to him " its just a picture but not real God... give it to us". So the poor old man asked to see King's picture...they show it to him... old man asked the soldiers to split on the King's picture.... They said..." we cant do that...its our king" ... old man replied in return.." its just a picture, your real king is in his palace. "

                      And they realized their mistakes... you wrote...

                      You're such a wonderful person. The rug itself is not holy, the plate you eat on is not holy, if you put a religious sybmbol on it like words from the bible, Koran, or any other holy book, then it becomes symbolic."

                      Yes ... picture, rug or anything is not holy but our beliefs and faith make them holy... we can not split on picture of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Jesus or religious Muslim photo, can we ? well after all that's just a picture or rug or whatever but our faith and belief will never let us split on them.... Its not about God only but anyone we love and respect...for example our parents or someone we respect and believe in.... we cant throw our parents picture in trash bag...

                      I provided just an example with one story but it has a deep meaning and says a lot more than just one situation....Pasha


                      • #41
                        Again, I appreciate you being objective in you replies, and I'm not debating, I gave up debating over religions after i realized that religions were made for our good, for us to fight the evil that we all have inside, and to organize our life, when I say RUG IS NOT HOLY, that's a response to the misunderstanding of the doctrines and concepts that the world suffers these days.

                        It is so extreme to compare between putting the rug on the wall and throw it in the toilet like our little friend suggested.

                        Putting that rug on the wall is a kind of appreciation that needs approbation.

                        I wish you the best with your application, I hope it's not going to take you long time to get approved.


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                          Hi Injoy,

                          Thanks for your kind wishes... I hope to hear soon from TSC...lets see what happens...what I meant is if he is ok with the rug hanging on wall then its ok ... coz it depends on personal faith and belief...

                          Lol jo... I don't know abt that but hopefully it will work as u told...


                          • #43
                            Jo Jo

                            Here we go again.

                            It's a good thing the rug looks good on the wall, it's another when someone needs to be reminded to pray.

                            The best thing you could do to remind him to pray is get an alarm, prayers are required on specific times during the day... unless he has tendancy to look at walls all day.

                            Have you thought about getting him a prayer calendar? Yes, there are such things. It's just like a regular calendar, with daily prayer schedule.

                            Smarty Jo... living happy on unimportant issues.


                            • #44
                              If the adult needs an alarm he/she can buy it.

                              No more bare walls. Wall is not the answer.

                              Deport Michael, the rug is not holy.


                              • #45
                                Just wanted to write that I totally agree with Mo... prayer rug is for prayer purpose... if u want to decorate the wall...there are thousands of things out there... but after all its all u have the right to do the way you are the host of the house... personally if I were on mian's place I wouldn't hang the prayer rug on the wall...


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