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Liberation - D-Day and Reagan

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  • Liberation - D-Day and Reagan

    You people owe America and Ronald Reagan a debt of gratitude for us saving your necks against Fascism and Communism. Yet I see very little gratitude here on this board. You people will never be true Americans.

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    Michael - you are correct on this one.


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      They said on the news Reagan stopped the Cold War. B.S!

      Afganistan stopped the Cold War for U.S.

      We promised Afganistan money for what they did for us, then renegged on the deal. Shameful.
      Sweet Madame Belu


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        Another typical response from the Blame America First people such as Joe Schmoe...........People like you - that is what is shameful.


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          You just love to say my name. I bet you dream about me, don't you?
          Sweet Madame Belu


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            Lech Walesa, the Pope and various economic and social factors had more to do with the fall of USSR style Communism than anything Reagan ever did.

            The way history is taught here in the U.S. is too U.S.-centric to remember that movements like "Solidarnosch" in Poland helped to bring the downfall of the USSR.

            In addition, the poor education in this country often neglects to point out the very important distinctions between communism as espoused by Marx and Engel and the communism of the USSR... they are two different breeds indeed. In fact, there are communist parties throughout the world, including here in the U.S.

            As to Mr. Reagan, lest we forget, he invaded the very tiny nation of Grenada, he had to deal with the Lebanon debacle, he did not confront the beginning of the AIDS epidemic (instead leaving it up to religious zealots to define as "God's punishment"); he depleted a lot of worthwhile social programs in order to finance the military and such projects like the Star Wars program; he actively supported dictatiorial regimes and dictators such as Marcos in the Philippines, among others; in 1984, Reagan closed an eye when Saddam Hussein gassed the Kurds, all while supplying him with weapons in order to fend off Iran; Reagan gave a lot of money, support and training to the Taliban in Afghanistan to fight off the Soviets; and, last but not least, Reagan did not remember, but some did... the Iran Contra affair...

            So, in remembering Reagan, let's be honest and remember the good with the bad.... Especially since the same people who are making Reagan into a saint and who are proclaiming to not speak ill of the dead would be first in line to jump on Clinton's coffin and talk about Monica when he will die...


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              Oh a lesson about honesty from an immigrant ! You people are so brainwashed to be anti Reagan and anti American it is not even funny. Go back where you came from and bash that country. Get out of Ronald Reagan's America.


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                Well said Michael.......I am sure we will now hear more from the Schmoe character.


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                  Thank you NYCimmparalegal.

                  The truth has been spoken.

                  Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter were the best presidents we ever had.

                  If I were Clinton and Monica threw herself at me, I'd get some too.
                  Sweet Madame Belu


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                    Hey Michael,

                    From one American to are an idiot who really needs to get laid.

                    Have you always been a looser?

                    Where you that **** in my High School class?

                    Are you that non-athletic ******* in my football team?

                    Are you still wearing eye glasses (not contacts or laser surgery)?

                    Get a life you arrogant wannabee 'American' ....***zzzole


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                      I concur with NYCImmparalegal 100%.

                      Reagan is not to blame, but his administration is. That's always the case, bad administrations always make good presidents look bad (with the exception of Bush, he is a bad president).

                      I liked Reagan, because he was an American icon in so many ways. He earned it through his hard work from Hollywood just like Arnie did for Kalifornia! governor.

                      Bottom line, I have a feeling this Reagan memorial will influence this year's election, because people who believed in Reagan are more likely to vote for bush because of political similarities. I hope that doesn't happen.

                      We'll see.


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