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Anybody familar with the Medical waiver process

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    Thanks dragonlady. Good info! I have been say since I first heard about our problem...How can you tell if someone is mentally ill in 25 minutes! I'm sure you can't! I have also said in her defense that even if she had cut herself during that time it doesn't mean she is ill. She had many reason to feel hopeless and make a bad choice but through all that she put her daughter through private school, put food on the table and maintained a home. Pretty good for a poor person in the Philippines with a mental problem.

    This scar is a joke to even consider it a slashed wrist like it was described at the embassy. It is very superficial, 3/4 of inch long and you don't even notice it unless you're looking for it. Plus I would think that if she was mentally ill there would be alcohol, drug use or both involved. Most people are heavy drinkers there so it is certainly all around her but she never drinks.

    I have known my fiancée for three years now. I travel back to the Philippines about every 6 mo to visit her since we met. I also talk to her online about 25 hrs a week. I know her well and I have never seen anything in her attitude or actions that would make me believes she is what they say. There are so many indicators she is not what they think so I hope the doctors that review this case will be able to see the truth.


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