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Japan's atrocities last WW2

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    Japanese War Apology Statement

    Courtesy of wiki. Need more proof macy?
    We fought the Germans to the death on 2 world wars, yet now they're one of our allies. England used to be our ruler, yet there's no better ally for USA than em brits. Why can't the same be said about Japan?


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      Well, I agree with you on that point. To America...and that's what I hate about our foreign policies especially under this stupid Bush administration...There are no permanent friends and enemies, only permanent interest.


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        <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by macyuhoo:
        Well, I agree with you on that point. To America...and that's what I hate about our foreign policies especially under this stupid Bush administration...There are no permanent friends and enemies, only permanent interest. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>
        This has been the norm for every nation. China and Russia were bitter enemies during the 1970's, 80's, and early 90's. USSR was an ally during WWII until the "Iron curtain decended upon Europe." French relations have always been an on again, off again for the last 200 years. The last time French relations were this sour was when Charles De Gualle was President of France during the 1950's. After Tien Bien Phu tragedy by the French Foreign legion in French Indo China, that is how the US became involved in the pennisula since WWII and why French relations were so sour. Please, read history books, will ya' before you post something like this again.

        PS if you want to blame President Bush or his administration, at least do it with logic and reason, not something that EVERY PRESIDENT HAS DONE SINCE WASHINGTON!
        "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." John Adams on Defense of the boston Massacre


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          Logic? I think I'm more logical than you, Hudson. I blame Bush for all the woes we have today. As if the dumping of Republicans last election has not yet convinced you how majority of Americans hate Bush. You've been spending so much time in bed with your Chinese wife that you don't even use your common sense.

          When I mentioned foreign policy or policies, these are the way we treat and deal with other countries. The President who occupies the highest office of the land is partly and even directly responsible for such policies. He can veto any bill that has been passed. But unfortunately, our past presidents including this current one listen more to the vested groups like the big oil firms and the very rich. The American Jews are included because their money and business influence the administration's actions and our lawmakers' decisions. That's why the US has been taking a pro-Israel position ever since.


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            Yet you're the one who said "we can't trust the Japs" since they were our enemy in World War 2. Even going as far as calling others dumb. Well, carrying the very same logic, we shouldn't trust the Germans, Mexicans, Chinese, Vietnamnese, etc,etc,etc... for something that happened in the past.
            Sufficed to say your logic is flawed, just like your tendency of spouting nonsense without having fact to back it up. Who's the dumb one now?

            So whats exactly your foreign policy will be? How do you make peace with extremist such as Hezbollah & HAMAS? By all means, do share your solution instead of just spouting garbages all the time.
            Or perhaps you simply lack the intelligence level to understand how foreign policy works and thats why the best thing you can do is spouting such garbages to begin with?


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              I partly agree with you, marmaduk. But, we should learn from history. The past should be our guide so that such crimes and atrocities will not be repeated. We blamed and keep blaming the Nazis for their crimes; yet the Israelites are doing the same to the Palestinians and Americans are doing the same to the Iraqis and other Middle-East countries. Where lies the difference?


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                We would never been in Iraq & Afganisthan to begin with had 9/11 ever happened. We might not even be in Iraq even then, had we know the real truth about "WMD". Unfortunately, that were not the case. Don't forget, Congress gave dubya the power (although many of them later regret doing so) to conduct such war. Also, don't forget both the Iraq & Afganisthan war received majority of support from the public (have to pull Zogby, but IIRC its around 60-70%). Can you blame Americans for thinking like that after what happen in 9/11? Japs did that with Pearl Harbor and we all know how that goes.
                If you want to look even further, Saddam should've been finished during the 1st gulf war. Our troops are only several hours away from Baghdad with no significant resistance in their way when the offensive were halted, since the Europeans complained. Thanks to that, hundreds of thousand of Kurds and Shiite pay the price between the 2 gulf wars.
                And please, don't judge our GI on how some morons at Abu Ghraib decided to act. There're thousands other who're doing their job, trying to protect the Iraqis and make that country safer as best as they possible can. I can't see how you could equal those GIs with Nazi Germany. Do we have GIs running concentration camps like the SS used to do? Do we have GIs putting people in gas chamber? Last time I checked its the internal strife between the Shiite and Sunni that caused the most casualties (coupled with the terrorist group actions).

                As for Palestinians, don't forget that they were close to achieve long lasting peace with the Oslo agreement (brokered by Americans as well, mind you) before Arafat pull them out of the negotiation table for god knows what reason (primary reason because he can't control the radical arms of HAMAS and the likes and fear for his life). How do you exactly make peace with someone whose sole stated goal is your destruction? I'm not supporting Israel nor Palestine. Personally, I don't think there's hope for that region, unless both sides can really stick toward a truce, but I can see why US sided with Israel. You mentioned the influence Jewish community as one reason. Another one is Israel have always been an ally to the USA in that region, while the same can't be said about the rest of Syria, Jordan, etc. But despite that position, did you realize that USA are also the biggest contributor to the Palestinian refugee camp/UNRWA (approx 31%)?? Nothing is as simple as black and white when it comes to these things.


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                  The 9/11 really has nothing to do with Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm no less patriotic than you are since I've two cousins serving in Iraq. But, the Iraq War and our presence in the Middle East is all about oil and control of the region. To control oil, we need to control the region. Even until this day, there are no hard evidences that point to any particular group for that 9/11. I don't want to speculate; but don't be surprised if such tragic event was the work of some smart war freak leaders who orchestrated and masterminded it. A good example is this Iraq War. First, it was allegedly because of WMD. Then, it was Saddam. Then, what?


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                    You won't have any objection from me that oil and regional control/influence play significant part of the Iraq War. As for 9/11, surely you haven't missed the fact that Al-Qaeda/Osama been gloating over it for the last 5 years? There're plenty of evidences for it, just like there're plenty of evidences supporting the fact that man land in the moon, yet there're still nutjobs out there that dispute it.


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                      Look my friend, we haven't even solved the JFK assassination yet. How can we be sure that the 9/11 is really the way it's being told? Recently, the media spread the news that Osama died. Why doesn't the media talk about it again today? Is he really dead? Where is his body? Where is he buried? The problem is some media, and that's especially true of the Western Media, is that they are in cahoot with CIA and some other groups.


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                        I think there's a difference between being critical of the media, macy, and being a conspiracy theorist. Besides, most US media has liberal tilt in them (FOX news not withstanding). Don't you think they would've done so already if its really the govt are the one thats behind 9/11?


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                          U.S. Ambassador to Japan J. Thomas Schieffer described comfort women as the victims of rape by the Japanese military during World War II, according to the New York Times on Saturday. According to the NYT, Japan's official denial that the Japanese military directly forced women into sexual slavery during World War II has caused a furor not only in Asia but also in the U.S.

                          Meanwhile, Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende said he was "unpleasantly surprised" to hear of the Japanese cabinet's statement that there was no evidence that Japan directly forced women to serve as *** slaves. The Dutch minister said that he has instructed his foreign minister to summon the Japanese ambassador to explain Japan's position. Dutch women living in the Dutch colony of Indonesia were taken by the Japanese military to serve as comfort women during the war.

                          Comfort women is a euphemism for the up to 200,000 women who served in the Japanese army's brothels during World War II. Historians and researchers into the subject have stated that the majority were from Korea, China and other occupied territories and were recruited by force or deception to serve as "*** slaves."


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