My friend is from India. He's building a house and his wife who is also from India wants a squat toilet. Does anybody know whether you can buy a squat toilet set in the US?

For those who don't know what a squat toilet is, here's an explanation.

A squat toilet is a toilet where the user squats.

The squat toilet is where the user puts his or her feet on foot rests; the user faces the entrance to the cubicle; it is prevalent in Turkey, France, Italy, Balkans and, more often, in the former USSR.

In India such a toilet is widely used and is referred to as the Indian water closet. It is also used in the Middle East and can be found in rural areas of Greece and Italy. This toilet is prevalent throughout most of South East Asia.

Squat toilets can be a shock to people used to sit-down toilets, and may be difficult to use for the unwary, especially if on trains or ships.

Squatting is the oldest known mode of human defecation. They are cheaper to clean and maintain.
They induce rapid user turnover (no time lost due to people reading newspapers, resting, etc.).
The splashing of water on the buttocks after a heavy defecation does not occur.
They do not involve any contact between the bare skin and a potentially dirty surface.
They are less vulnerable to vandalism than western-style toilets.

Arguments against squat toilets include:
If one is not balanced properly, one can easily slip and fall;
The toilet and the floor around it can be soiled by explosive diarrhea or simply bad aim;
Problematic for people with osteoarthritis of the knee;
Splatter on legs and feet;
Inconvenient when wearing pants that don't slip off over shoes;
One could get leg cramps;
A common argument against the squat toilet is that if toilet paper is used where there is no flushing system installed, it is easy for the inexperienced user to clog the toilet. Those unfamiliar with the squat toilet should be sure to ask the location of the flushing bucket before attempting use. These buckets flush the toilets manually like a tank would.