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second interview after I-130 approved

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  • second interview after I-130 approved

    Hello everybody.
    Can anybody help me and give me some idea whay is that second interview about?
    On January,29,2008 we had interview/in seperate rooms/.They asked us lots of questions but we went trought this very good. And I-130 was approved.

    We recived approval notice in mail 3 days later.

    Today we recived another mail calling us for an interview on June,02,2008

    It says that we have to ask for ADJUSTMENT OF STATUS UNIT when we get there.Also we need to bring with us all document what we brought for first interview.

    I don't know what is that about.

    Can anybody help

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    Hi Gregpol,

    Welcome to ILW

    Do you have a lawyer?
    ( they will give you accurate answer better)

    What I notice in some cases...
    second interview means either they need
    more evidence if your marriage is bonafide,
    or you're going to have a "fraud interview"

    It happened to some even their marriage is bonafide some immigration officials will still suspect it specially when one is much older than the other or two different race or culture who don't speak the same language.

    The way your story goes means USCIS is suspecting your marriage is not entered in good faith.

    You said you approval is I-130 right?
    Was your AOS approved too?

    One way to know if your interview went well
    is the immigration officer will tell you , you were approved after the interview and they will
    take your EAD card and send the conditional green card in 2 to 3 weeks.

    Anyways, If your marriage is in good faith,
    bring all the evidence, original copies, bring all your application that USCIS send you, all the documents written on the appointment, bring the Original copies and make a copy of them.
    Just both be yourself on the interview, don't lie or fabricate any documents and you'll be fine.

    Good Luck


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      Actually our last interview in january,29,2008 was a ,,fraud interview,, in seperate rooms.

      But here is more info about my cace.

      Here is my story :-)
      I've been married for 2,9 years.On our first interview appointment with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Servicel, September was in 2006. I am HIV positive. When I went to immigration, they told me I needed the I-601 Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility.After 6 moths our secound interview was rescheduled.The reason?6 immigration employee didn't showed up at work and they asked us to reschedule the appointment.Another 9 months waiting.Finally we were called for an interviev in January,29,2008.The officer was very nice.We brought I-601 HIV waiver with us.They interviewed us separately.Lots of intimmate questions.We went throught them very smooth.Officer said that everything is fine and our I-130 is approved.Just need to wait for I-601 waiver be approved. The waiver was approved in March 2008.We recived approval letter in mail. And today we got letter saing that we need to show up in Immigration Office.Will it be another interview?
      Please help.What is that about?

      PS.I am very healthy,have a good job,private innsurance,doctor who takes care of me.


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        Hi gregpol,

        In most cases, I-130 and I-485 are approved together during the Adjustment of status interview ( I-485). If an alien is outside the USA and asks for an immigrant visa, in most cases again, there is no interview for I-130.

        You have a special case. Now, that I-130 and I-601 are approved, the next step is adjustment of status (I-485 approval). After "passing" the first two hurdles, there should not be much problem with this one (if you don't have anything else that could make you ineligible for Adjustment of status). Just bring what you are asked and you'll be fine.


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          Thank you Aneri.
          Do you think thay will ask us all those hard and inntimate questions again?


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            Originally posted by gregpol:
            Thank you Aneri.
            Do you think thay will ask us all those hard and inntimate questions again?
            No, I don't... I hope IO officer will have a record of previous interview.


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              Thank you again.You made me feel better :-)
              Have anice Sunday.
              If you hear anythink about case like mine,please let e know.



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                any more info,please ?


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                  Greg, stop worrying you'll be fine.

                  Just go well prepared with what you have.
                  "Until the color of a man's skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes everywhere will be war"...................BOB MARLEY


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