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Father is a natural born USC!

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    Thank you Zenith, Try to apply for US passport.
    Even though you are illegitimate you have the right to be a US citizen. I am illegitimate .Where are you now and your father?


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      Thanks Mama Mia. I live in the UK with my father, it is from here that I will be applying for a passport.


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        to Adam:
        What is the right form should I use for my children they are all here with me,can you pls. tell me about the transmission of citizenship through granparents? I was reading the instruction it look like we meet the requirements my problem is my eldest is going to be 18 on Dec.Thank you.


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          mama mia: have you checked the 7 FAM, If you all are in the US. file I-130+I-485+I-539,.

          I will follow up with you in day or two on grandparents issue


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            Yes I checked that Adam, I was just wondering if I can file the grandparents instead of that.Thak You!


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              I am not sure if you can file, you can give it a try, you still have time your daughter will be 18 in Dec.2004.

              If I were you I will take an appointment with the same Officer and clear the matter. don't wait to much.
              OR let see what others had to offer


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                hi evryone... i'm hoping you could help step dad petitioned using a form I-130... and it was approved ..I'm worried coz i turned 21 before our petition was approved but it was filed when i was 20...... will the CSPA protect me from aging out even before my visa is being processed!???? is my visa nuber available soon as our petition is approved??? hope you could help me with this...thank you so much..........


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                  mama mia ans Zeinth: It has been long time since we talked about your case's I would like to know where do you stand now, and how far your case has reached.

                  intrafix: If your case has been file prior to you turn 21 years of age it will protect you, Once your I-130 is approved your father can file I-485 to AOS. If your case is file before 21 then it is OK.


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                    to Adam: Thank you so much for the reply...i feel relieved now.... i really appreciate ur help and advice...nway... my dad called the NVC up this morning and they said they already sent a notification about a fee bill... does my father need to file I-485.i'm still here in the philippines by the way..and how can he file for that...thanks again...


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