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I-751 approved!!!

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  • I-751 approved!!!

    Hi all, After 10 months and 11 days, my I-751 has been approved!!! Yippee!!

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    Hi all, After 10 months and 11 days, my I-751 has been approved!!! Yippee!!


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      Another fraudster beats the system !


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        BTW - Have you taken in your approval and new pics to your DSC yet?



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          Thanks ARQU!
          I just got my letter in the mail today at 2:30pm and managed to schedule an Infopass appointment for next week....gee on the first try too! Usually Infopass is busy this time of the afternoon. I am going to get my photos taken tomorrow. When I go to the appointment, I am bringing everything with me just in case.

          Michael....thank you too! I just won a bet with my best friend for $20.00!! I had a bet going with him that this M-O-R-O-N named Michael would post, in exact words, "Another fraudster beats the system" within an hour of me posting my approval!!! Thank you.


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            Congratulations PATTI,

            Which center approved ur i-751? Can u pl tell us what documents u forwarded with ur application. Thanks


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              Hi Vito,
              TSC approved my I-751 app. My application was not very thick at all. Here goes. I submitted:
              -Copy of I-551(front and back)
              -Original I-797
              -Copies of both of our Social Security cards
              -Copies of both of our birth certificates
              -Copies of both of our driver's licenses
              -Copy of our marriage certificate
              -Copy of previous 3 years of W-2's
              -Copies of both of our wills
              -Copy of Deed/Titles in both of our names to property we own, vehicles we own, and our home.
              -Copy of joint bank account
              -Copies of employment receipts for both of us.
              -Copy of joint auto policy
              -Copy of medical insurance showing that I am covered under my husband.
              -Copies of documents showing each other as beneficiaries to our retirements funds.
              -2 Notorized Affidavit letters from friends

              This is all we sent. Hope this helps. Good luck )


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                Oops, I meant good luck


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                  Thank u PATTI,

                  Can u pl explain, what is the employment receipts?


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                    Hi Patti,

                    One more question. Did u submit the bank statements/insurance bills etc for 24 months or just 3/4 months statements are ok. Thanks again.


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                      Hi Vito, What I meant by employment receipts is copies of pay stubs.(I included the most recent 6 months for both hubby and I).

                      Also, I submitted our most recent 6 months of bank statements and insurance bill receipts.

                      By the way, when you put the whole package together, punch 2 holes at the very top of the stack of papers and secure it with a 2" Prong Paper Fastener.

                      I put everything in order as stated on the BSCIS website and included a Table of Contents and Cover Letter as well.(Just looked nicer and easier for the INS officer's reference).

                      I think, in all, the whole package was about 1/2 inch thick, if that. Hope this helps Vito


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                        Congratulations Patti... so they are up to march 2004 more month to go for mine...once again my heartfelt congrats ...Pasha


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                          Hi Patti,

                          I realy appreciate ur help. Thank u indeed.



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                            Congratulations, Patti!

                            Good news for all in line. I filed my I-751 at the end of May'04. Are you planning to file N400 soon?


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                              Hi Edgegrapes and everyone, This is Patti. I had to register in another name. I could not get on this website for 2 days and when I tried to key in my username and password, it wouldn't accept it, so here I am again, but now called Nursee.

                              Anyhow, Yes I am going to apply for N-400 at the beginning of March 05' when I am eligible. Hey looks like you don't have very long to go now Edgegrapes. I looks like it is taking TSC 10-11 months to process I-751's. '

                              Pasha, Hey hope all is well with you.....seems like you don't have long to go too. I wish you the best and am keeping my fingers crossed for ya! Patti


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