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time is running out, plz Help!!!

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  • time is running out, plz Help!!!

    Please help me with my AOS interview. My attorney already filed an Affidavit of support documents with my AOS application (based on US citizen parent). I would like to know if I am supposed to take another / new Affidavit of support doc etc with me at the interview also? Another very crucial thing is that my Dad (my sponsor) is not currently employed, he suffered a major loss in business last year & right now he is in transition & in a process to get his real estate license. However I have two siblings living in a same household & they have signed Form I-864A (Contract between Sponsor and Household Member) to be used in conjunction with Form I-864 & does meet the income requirement, plus we do have sufficient assets to meet that poverty guideline. Also, my father was unable to file Federal Income Tax Return for 2004 but he did get an extension for it... do you think it will create any problem? Do u think that I might get rejected due to monetary issues? plz plz plz help as time is running out!

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    from the bare facts as you provided, there does not seem to be a big problem. You are not usually denied for the insuffient AOS on the first time. If the officer finds the income insufficient, he would probably instruct you to provide sufficient income or other means of support. If your dad did not file 2004 return but filed previous years, that again shouldnt be a problem, however, he may have to reason it for not filing. If you do have other resources to show, that should be fine too.

    Good Luck


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      Thanks happygolucky, I appreciate your help. However I am confused about something, hope you or anyone else on this board can help me:

      A) Do I need to take a new/another form I-864 with me? If so, should it be same (for the most recent tax year 2004) as we filled out last time & submitted to INS along with AOS application? Or should I include my other two brothers' income (for year 2005) in item 4.C.?

      B) I am taking additional two I-864 A forms signed by my other two brothers'& their pay stubs etc. So, in that case should I include their income in new Affidavit of support form also (i.e. if new Affidavit of Support is required?)

      Thanks & looking forward to get a response(as my interview is in less than 24 hrs.)


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