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My girlfriend's husband's attempt at legality.

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  • My girlfriend's husband's attempt at legality.

    Hi All,
    Does anyone here know how we can stop an application for legal immigration status? The reason being my girlfriend married an undocumented Mexican 8 years ago and only found out after the marriage that he was illegal, he is physically abusive and tried many times to force her to "give him his papers", she managed to make excuses and has never approached immigration to get him legalized. Over the years he has been arrested on possession of cocaine(twice) and domestic violence( 3 times) although never had to go to court about either. His employer ( who only hires undocumented Mexicans) has now put him in touch with a lawyer who is working on sorting his papers, however the lawyer told him his wife's signature is not required as they are going to approach the dudes father who has been here forever and is a citizen although they have been estranged for 17 years. My friend is desperate to get shot of this guy but really does not believe he deserves the right to stay here after all the wrong he has done. Who do we contact in order to alert immgration to this guy and his phoney application for immgration? Please help.

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    Normally, if his father is a citizen he could have easily applied through him or get H1B (if qualified) through an employee. So I find it odd that he would enter a sham marriage.

    However, from your story it appears he entered here illegally, if I understand you correctly and he would be ineligible for adjustment and he would have to go back for a couple of years before his father or employer could bring him back in.

    Your s-lut adulterous girlfriend could file for annullment and sue for damages.

    However, I find it extremely bizarre that she has remained married to him for 8 years. Furthermore, I find it doubtful and unbelievable that he was arrested for cocaine and domestic violence and never went to court. There is no way that is possible. This woman is obviously lying to you for some reason. She is already comitting adultery and you have totally ignored that fact. Why are you ignoring this one piece of information that is more relevent to you than to the immigrant. She is an adulterer. This is one case where I would not trust the USC over the immigrant. You better forget about the immigrant and worry about yourself and get rid of that biyotch.


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        There is no surprise that he never got his papers after 8 years of marriage, because they never applied. If you read the original post, it was *not* a sham marriage. They did not get married for immigration purposes, and they never got around to applying.

        If the guy's father is a citizen, he has a right to apply. Now the crimes would be a basis for denying the petitions. But I recommend that your girlfriend stop obsessing over this guy and just move on. She doesn't want to help him apply, and she isn't. She wasn't want to be married to him, then divorce him. But trying to follow him around and interfere in his business is just another was for her to prolong the relationship. THat is not what is healthy for her. Help her to let him go.


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          Thank you all for the replies. Michael, I should have elaborated that this lady is my best friend "girlfriend" not my lover girlfriend. She is not adulterous in any way and I forgive you for being so mean as you didnt have all the facts.
          Also Michael, she has copies of the police reports from the times he was arrested, why he never went to court is also beyond me.

          Katycab, he entered the country on a visa from mexico 17 years ago and overstayed, his father kicked him out of his house when he realised how awful a person he is, why he thinks his father will now pity him is strange.Also, i thought that a parent can only petition for you if you are unmarried, am I wrong?

          Thanks for the help.


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            "why he never went to court is also beyond me." It couldn't be because she's lying now could it ?


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              A citizen can petition for a married child, an LPR cannot. However, it takes a long time and the visa stay is not forgiven. But I get the impression that you would not be concerned if his application is not successful, right? I would say that the healthiest thing for you and your friend is to move on and stop thinknig about this guy.


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                Michael, thanks for the response, why are you so cynical about evrything? No forget it i dont wish to know. No she is not lying, I have seen the paperwork! I do know that he went to court one time on a drug charge but it was kicked out of court- for what reason i don't know.

                Thanks also for the reply, If only it were that easy to be rid of this guy, he is a leach, a parasite and she just cannot move on as he follows her, threatens her and all sorts of other things and yes, she is a huge ****er for a *** story. She has said if he doesnt get his papers and is deported that is the only way she will be able to live the rest of her life in peace! I guess we will just have to see, however, if I wanted to make immigration aware of the situation with him, how and who do i talk to?


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                  If he is stalking in the way you describe, I recommend going to the police. That is the appropriate remedy. Criminal conviction will have immigration consequences as well. But we don't always have the luxury of being able to deport the bad guys. But we can ask the police for help in keeping him away, or prosecuting his acts.


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