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The House will voe yes on uest worker program when Rep. john A Boehner wins the G.O.P

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    Except that its very likely a guest worker program wouldn't provide a route to permanent legal status here. That's precisely why it's called "guest worker" program--the workers are supposed to be here temporarily. Bush claims he wants workers to leave after 3 years, with maybe a visa renewable once for 3 more years. A program which does provide such a route is an amnesty. Kyl's bill does have a provision that workers must leave the US to apply for a guest worker program, so I guess you could say that kind of program really isn't an amnesty, but the others presented all are.


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      im not talking about all new worker under the guess worker program, at least the one that have been living in the united states for more then 10 years and have paid taxes and everything, with a clean criminal record. The ones that have built family in the united states and speak good english.


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        Why speaking good english a requirement? Can't a honest worker stay in this county without being able to speak good english?
        Also why 10 yrs of work and paying taxes?? Why not just 5 yrs? Or maybe 3-4yrs is enough?
        Why does it have to be the one that have families in the USA?

        Things aren't a simple as some people here think....


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          The people you're talking about, Albatross, already have routes to legalize if they have US citizen relatives, or LPRs who will become citizens. What a guest worker program would do is shorten the time, possibly, and why should those who have been breaking our laws have it even easier?

          The only "amnesty" I'd go along with would be dropping the bars, so people could leave to reapply to come legally.


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            The easiest way to a greencard is by way of marriage. I don't know if bad people would go the guest worker route when they can convince an American to marry them. It seems that everything can be forgiven if you marry an American. Perhaps we need to change this?


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